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Wynn Wipes The Shit Off Their Fan

By JohnH on Monday, 28th March 2011 11:39am
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Update: Beyond any reasonable doubt, things got odd after I published the account of my recent stay at Wynn Las Vegas. At 7:30 p.m. on Saturday night, my personal cell phone was dialed by the official Wynn phone number. Odd. How did they figure out that John H was in reality the mild mannered and anonymous John Q. Public guest linked to this specific phone number? Had they corroborated my story with my public Twitter account of events? Was I just the only John who happened to have a last name beginning with "H" registered at the hotel for the past few days? These were all questions that were running through my mind as I decided to send the call to voicemail.

The voicemail I received was even more curious. Nothing but a one second long exasperated breath; that was it. Freaky-deaky. And then, exactly one hour later, the call came again. Again, I sent it to voicemail. Another hour later, another call came. It was at this point that I started freaking the fuck out. Was this Steve Wynn's own personal version of Brazil-ian retribution? Were purple coat-wearing agents going to storm into my house, place a Roger Thomas-designed brown velvet bag inspired by the classic Hermès Birkin over my head, and drag me off to a back room filled with a sledge hammer and rotary saw? To say the least, I was uncomfortable and unhappy.

And another call came this morning. This time, the individual left a name and a contact number in an attempt to converse with me. After contacting my editor and chief as to how I should respond and proceed with this whole affair, I dialed the number. The voice that answered was cordial and apologetic. "We saw your post and would like to apologize for everything that happened. That was not the Wynn experience, and for that, we would truly like to apologize." After discussing how they had discovered who I was--I couldn't get a direct answer and I'm still not quite sure how it happened; I'm just assuming it was some sort of Jedi mind trick--she offered me an opportunity to return to the resort in the future.

In the full interest of conforming to the Vegas Internet Mafia Disclosure Accords," I'm writing this today to disclose not only what happened, but that as a guest and customer, I accepted their offer. My unequivocal promise, though, is that whatever happens during this subsequent trip to the resort--whether it be positive or negative--will not be written about on VT. I cannot and will not abuse this platform or the readers who have made it what it is. That is my promise to you.

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What the fuck? I would have been freaking out too. I once had something similar happen after I wrote some not so positive things about the city I live in. Had the city call me several times trying to employ scare tactics.
" My unequivocal promise, though, is that whatever happens during this subsequent trip to the resort--whether it be positive or negative--will not be written about on VT."

Was this a little blackmail on their part, or your idea?

I really need to put something up at that URL.

BTW, this kind of disclosure is what separates the trusted publishers from the scam artists.

@steve this was my idea, not john's or wynn's... an enforced freezing off period.

Well, that's nice. If your super expensive room toilet fills with shit, and you write regular columns for a popular Vegas website, WLV will take care of you.

I'm *guessing* that the other guests inconvenienced by all this shit didn't get mysterious, heavy-breathing phone calls with comp offers. I could be wrong, of course.

This is what they should have done the next morning, for all guests, automatically. No excuses for this at the prices Wynncore charges (or at any price, really.)

That makes sense... keeps VT as one of the most legit Vegas sites on the web. Good call, Chuck...

This really does speak volumes about Wynn and their reputation, and not wanting it to be tainted. Hopefully this was a wake up call for them and they'll handle situations like this better in the future... I wonder if anyone lost their job as a result?

Has anything like this happened on the Vegas boards in the past? I've seen the Trop respond to a few topics in the past, but nothing of this magnitude.

Nobody in the entire resort cared until you wrote about it on the internet.

Different strokes for different folks and all that, but that fact alone would make me turn down their Free Las Vegas Vacation offer, not just refuse to write about it on VT.

I don't think it's fair to assume that Wynn's response was solely some sort of PR recovery. John could just as easily have sent his story to Marilyn Winn's office instead of posting it here, and I'd bet he would have gotten a similar response from that. It's possible that other guests did exactly that and we'll never hear about it.

Large companies can sometimes overlook someone's dissatisfaction until it's brought directly to their attention, but that doesn't mean their eventual response is any more self-serving than the guest's original report of the complaint was.

I think Chuck is right to have John and Wynn take the incident offline from this point on. VT is not TripAdvisor and while the original post and this follow-up are arguably a fair part of the broader ongoing "Changes at Wynn" discussion, any further specifics are an individual matter between a company and their customer.

1. your story was complicated. not hard to figure out who you were. i presume you gave them your cell number at some point? either to hotel or casino?

2. following up on public discussions, whether social media or not, is not uncommon these days.

3. i dont see why you wouldnt report on how the free stay goes. it should go extremely well, considering its a service recovery stay. if it doesnt, its one of those things that looks even worse.

Editor In-Chief, not "and Chief."

Sorry, I have a journalism degree and spent a couple years as Editor and this is one of my stupid nitpick areas...

^ I thought that was deliberate, a way of paying homage to a man who's more than an editor to him.

^ Bingo.

Put up a few shots at http://www.vegasinternetmafia.com.

I'm missing a ton of co-conspirator photos (ahem John H and Eric) but hey, it's the best I could do on short notice. Blame iPhoto for the un-stylish presentation.

Well JohnH, you fared better than we did after our January stay at Encore. We got three nights of our neighbors playing out every loud, dirty man-on-man fantasy they could think of, which included something that involved crashing against the wall between our two rooms and a running dialogue about whose ass belonged to whom and what they were going to do with it. They wouldn't even move us to a new room, let alone comp us a new trip.

I'm with MinVegas on this one, you should've had a comped stay offered before you even changed rooms, and it should've been the one you were "enjoying" at the time.

@Hunter: You should really put something at that url. Even a blank HTML page would be better from a security standpoint. You're revealing a bunch of information that is best left undisclosed.

I find it disturbing that this was not handled while you were still at the resort. If this incident really did happen to you and the other rooms that were impacted,it should have been dealt with swiftly.It is unfortunate that we have to air our grievances on public forums, before a company takes action.I will continue to stay at the Wynn,because I do truly love it there.However in this instance,in my opinion they dropped the ball.Hope your future stays there go much,much better.


Thanks for your concern but I'm not too worried, for two reasons:

1. That kind of info is obtainable from Apache with any HTTP HEAD request. It's not really secret.

2. Look closer.


The voicemail I received was even more curious. Nothing but a one second long exasperated breath; that was it.

I was thinking Wynn might have resurrected the services of the Zodiac killer.

Well alright!! I will keep my reservation and try this place out. I will provide a report after my stay there. Hopefully it will be shitless.

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