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Wynn, The Shit Hit The Fan

By JohnH on Friday, 25th March 2011 6:56pm
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Wynn Las Vegas

Everything started well enough.

My traveling companion, VT super friend/underpants gnome JohnD, and I went through the traditional Encore Tower Suites arrival process and treated like oil money-rich royalty.  We discussed the prospect of transferring our reservation from Encore to Wynn with the check in agent, hoping to sneak a stay at one of the newly renovated Parlor or Salon suites. Success! Two hours and a transfer from a non-renovated Wynn Parlor to a newly renovated Salon later, we were finally in a room.

It was at about this point where the problems began.

When we had been given our keys to our suite, the receptionist at Wynn Tower Suites took our luggage tag and told us that our bags would be up shortly. As we sat in the cozy confines of a brand spanking new Roger Thomas-designed suite, we waited. And waited. And waited. Our bags never came. I called the bell desk and was told that they were looking for them and would get them to us as quickly as possible. We continued to wait. Finally, a call came in from an Encore bellman who said that he had our bags and would walk them over immediately. Two hours after entering our room and four hours after "checking in" to the hotel, we had our bags.

That, ladies and gentlemen, should never happen at a hotel that openly boasts of its Forbes Five Star Award designation. Indeed, the criteria for that award goes so far as to state that "luggage is delivered to the guest's room in 10 minutes, or it is not - there's no middle ground." This did not happen, and on that level, this hotel - one that that openly promotes itself as one of the most luxurious on the planet - failed. By the same token, though, I'm not an ignorant idealist. I understand that it takes time to transfer bags from one hotel to another and that we threw them a bit of a curve ball by changing rooms twice, but no person at any high-end hotel in this city should be asked to wait for more than two hours in order to have his bags delivered to his rooms. This wouldn't happen at Mandarin Oriental. This wouldn't happen at Bellagio. This probably wouldn't even happen at Aria. Alright, this could have happened at the Cosmopolitan, but Wynn isn't the Cosmopolitan and something like that should never have happened there either.

And it didn't end there. During the middle of the night of our first stay, a distinct "kerplunk" emanating from both the room next to ours and our own bathroom's water closet kept the two of us up for most of the night. As that "kerplunk" and "gurgling" coming from the bathroom got even worse, we decided to see what was happening. I got up at about 6:30 a.m., walked slowly into the bathroom water closet, and put one foot on the cold marble flooring. Oh, God, why is the floor wet? Why is the floor wet? Why does it smell like I'm walking in front of Caesars Palace on blazingly warm summer afternoon? I turned on the light and what did I see? A river of human shit staring back at me, that's what. Were those chunks of sea bass flowing down onto the Roger Thomas-curated marble flooring? Sweet Mary Mother of God, why would this be happening at Wynn? JohnD went to see our royal flush for himself just to make sure I wasn't exaggerating. It was clear to both of us that it was time to change rooms.

And change rooms we did. Twice, actually. But did the good folks at Tower Suites offer to move our luggage for us in an attempt to make the whole experience just a little bit less grotesque? Nope. We got the metaphorical, AAA Five Diamond equivalent of "Here's a one-off key to your previous room. Get your shit - leave everyone else's - and get out." Now that's true luxury service, right? And what's more, JohnD found out from a maintenance employee that not only did this affect our particular room, but a whole series of rooms throughout Tower Suites that night. Sewage flowing uncontrollably into hundreds of hotels rooms in what clearly amounts to a public health hazard? Can someone tell me what the jackpot payout is on Wynn's new community "Shit Happens!" slot machine?

And what, pray tell, was our payout for hitting that royal flush? We got an apology and the removal of our upgrade charge for one night of our stay. That's it. Winner, winner, chicken dinner at Lakeside that just didn't sit too well!

And it didn't end there. Every time I had to walk myself down to the lobby in order to facilitate a solution to each of these problems, I was asked to wait in a line for nearly fifteen minutes. There was never a moment that I went to the front desk wherein I didn't wait in a line. Want a new room when the one you're already in has shit flowing all over the bathroom? Just wait while we get these ten douchebags in front of you boarding passes for their flight. Want to check out quickly? Sorry, we've got conventioneers keeping our two staff members at the desk busy. Could that be explained away because they might have been busy? Sure. Places get busy, that's acceptable. However, Wynn isn't just any other place.

Wynn Las Vegas is special; it considers itself to be special; and it charges rates that are commensurate with that self-image. To charge what they charge and put guests through what we went through is simply unacceptable.

Where, though, does the blame lie? Can we pillory the property's new president? I don't think so. At the end of the day, it's Steve Wynn and his decisions that are responsible for this. It is his reputation that, in my eyes, suffers because of this. The man put his name in bold, créme-colored letters across the building, and in doing so, asked all of us to judge him when we judge the property. At the end of the day, he made the decisions that may or may not have led to this experience, and because of that, I blame Steve Wynn.

And that was my most recent stay at Wynn. I consider it a horror story of the highest magniturd, and because of that, I may think twice before I stay there or recommend that my friends, family, and colleagues stay there. I will probably stay at and recommend Encore in the near future, but as of this experience and as of this writing, the bloom has fallen off of Wynn Las Vegas' rose for me. As JohnD said to me shortly after the trip, "A property with a rather flawless record has a blemish on it now." I completely agree with him.

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Ouch...not good, not good at all. Part of me is glad there aren't photos, but part of me thinks it would add to the story.

The only experience I had with a major room issue in Vegas was when my wife found a cockroach in the shower at Bellagio, a quick call downstairs and within 10 minutes a bellman was at our door to take our luggage and we were upgraded to a suite free of charge for the next 4 nights. Which was a pretty minor issue compared to a river of shit pouring into your room.

All this sounds suspiciously like how one might get treated at a Caesar's property...paging Ms. Winn, Ms. Marilyn Winn.

Whoa, not a good situation. Hotel plumbing does go wrong occasionaly, but a well-run property should most definitely go the extra mile to make the situation right. I had something similar occur at a Renaissance in Chicago, and not only did they move me (and my things) to a suite, they comped all three nights of my stay AND bought me dinner AND awarded me 5000 Marriott points. Simply removing the upgrade charge for one night is most definitely NOT adequate compensation for what you experienced. To quote my children, that is a "major fail."

Wow thats terrible, just terrible and disgusting! Of course this happens when I am 6 weeks out from my first Tower Suite experiance at Wynncore. I am booked at Encore and was hoping to "upgrade" to a new Wynn room but I think I will stay in the Encore Tower now.

Part of me says these kind of things happen and no place is perfect, plumbing problems can happen anywhere. But the other side of me says if this happens they should be bending over backwards to make it right like comping your stay and having extra staff on hand at desks to make sure they show they are in control of the situation. A personal letter to all those impacted would not be out of line either.

I hope my next trip at Encore is as good as all the past one's I have had. Otherwise where else do I go?!

Wow, that is unbelievable. Cannot even imagine. We stayed there two weeks ago (albeit in a deluxe resort room) and everything was flawless. Surely they would want to keep you happy in some way beyond just comping the upgrade fee. that's insane. I would raise HOLY HELL.

The luggage issue is problematic as you changed both your room and the hotel. It is not clear what a reasonable time would have been, but it would seem they dropped the ball. My pet peeve is they make you wait in your room until the luggage arrives; rather than just leaving it in the room.

You pay a steep premium to stay in the Tower and there are significantly higher expectations as a result. If the shit issue occurred in multiple rooms, they should be prepared to bring in extra staffing to the front desk to get new rooms assigned. I would think at a minimum, that nights stay should be comped.

Bad day to be on shift for housekeeping.

Rivers of shit are expected at Venereal Palace, but not Case Del Steve.

That's a horrible experience, sorry to hear about that. I think you were a bit too soft on them for the luggage, that's way too long and it's not like the bags are tagged and those tags are associated. That's just bad service.

The crappy room is another story, bad experience and worse in the way it was handled (although as a LV website contributor, you absolutely have to get a pic of that :) ) I'd chalk it up to bad luck for the issue that happened to the room, but ultimately it's how its handled that matters and it was poorly in this case.

It would be interesting to know what Wynn's procedures are for incidents like this. Are the floors merely mopped, or are they somehow sanitized. I would hope the latter.

Can I call it "ShittyCenter" now?

Did some Cosmo employees recently get jobs at Wynncore? Wynncore is definitely going down the proverbial shitter then. Instead of someone dropping a deuce in the pool, the toilet sent you something from the Turd Ferguson collection.

"And change rooms we did. Twice, actually. But did the good folks at Tower Suites offer to move our luggage for us in an attempt to make the whole experience just a little bit less grotesque? Nope."

if it took 4 hours the first time, why would you want them to move your bags for you the second time?

15 minute lines/waits in wynn tower?

encore is smaller with 267 rooms, but wynn still only has 920 rooms.

semi-related, anyone know how many salone and bellagio suites there are at bellagio?

also, why not dispute credit card charges in situations such as these?

correction - wynn tower is ~650 rooms.

Wow, just wow. I'm speechless on so many levels.

That truly is a horror story.

I admit, it does seem like a freak accident so I wouldn't draw TOO many conclusions from this, but I agree they didn't comp you enough.

I'm surprised you didn't smell it before you stepped in it.

This is incredibly interesting to note as I had maintenance issues with the salon suite i reviewed - missing tv by the bar, the door to the shower wouldn't open, the shower controls were backwards, toilet had issues. it seems like quality control isn't exactly there, or five years of wear and tear are greater than what a coat of Thomasizing can contain.

You are becoming the Hunter S. Thomson of the Vegas visitors. Is this Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 2. Bwtween the Cosmo fiasco and this you are jinxed.

I can't let my wife see this. We have had two very nice visits to the Encore but I insisted on switching to the Wynn this time as I wanted to see the new rooms.

The only time I have ever let a valet person handle my luggage was at the Encore and they arrived at our room door within literally seconds.

Are you sure you weren't at the Sahara?

I guess maybe you should start telling people who you are. Anonymous isn't working out.


@dshort - i think we all had cosmo issues, me a second round of them. this pooplosion is all john h's problem!

First the pool, now the rooms. Maybe the casino is next. I can see it now, the Strip's latest attraction - The WLV Turd Experience.

Glad I can't afford to stay at a dump like that.

John, how many floors up were you? You said it happened in to a whole series of rooms in TS. Do you know if they were all on the same floor?
A mainline stoppage in such a tall building is really wierd. Someone must have put something very, very bulking down a toilet. Let our imagination just stop there.
After 20-25 TS visits I am going to be a bit nervous in May. Maybe ask for rubber surf booties instead of slippers at turn down?

I'd say the highest floor was the 34th, if I'm not mistaken. For sure, the end of the stay was on the 31st. I did see engineering on both of those floors during my stay. When I entered the room on the 31st floor, the toilet in the master bathroom was still being worked on.

It should be noted that we still heard noises (like work was still being done) that night in the room next door.

I'm not sure how plumbing works in mega-resorts, but each time we were moved it was to the same room, just a different floor. Perhaps that particular line was the issue.

Thanks John. Interesting move to same rooms except for floors. Perhaps the drain lines run lengthwise down a floor before dropping.
Regardless this is definitely NOT something Tower Suites' persons are expected to try and fathom out...
I will enquire my next stay through some of my sources and see if there is some explanation for this Wynn version of a Japan reactor fiasco.

I believe I would have been trying to increase elevation from the problem. As we now, shit rolls downhill...

Wow. This is horrifying.

I would absolutely refuse to pay for a room that had shit flowing in the opposite direction. I don't care if it's at Wynn, Four Seasons, Flamingo, Imperial Palace, or a highway exit Super 8. That's unacceptable, and the room charge for at least that shitty night should have been comped, without question.

This is some crazy shit (pun intended). I will be staying there in two weeks. Was at the Cosmo about a month ago when they had the electrical problems. I'm thinking of changing my reservation now and stay at the Cosmo. Now I have to decide if I want to roll around in shit or deal with electrical issues. Hmmm, I guess it is the IP for me. :))

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