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The New Rope Rodeo at Wynn

By JohnH on Thursday, 24th March 2011 4:11pm
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Wynn Rope Rodeo

LAS VEGAS, Mar. 23, 2011 -- For Immediate Release -- Fresh off of their spectacular and varied successes with Encore Beach Club, Surrender Nightclub, and Blush Boutique Nightclub, hotel visionary Steve Wynn and nightclub impresario Sean Christie this weekend unveiled their newest collaboration, Uncle Steve's Rope Rodeo.

For our guests who wish to enjoy the act of waiting in an excessively-long velvet rope line in order to enter a nightclub, but either don't want to visit the nightclub or simply know that they won't be granted entry into our more exclusive nightlife venues, we have completely redesigned our resort check-in process in order to approximate this exciting and exhilarating process. For a small fee--included in our mandatory resort fee--our guests will now be able to wait in a chocolate-brown velvet rope maze before they're given access to their newly redesigned rooms. We don't often like to boast, but we consider this the greatest development in unnecessary lines ever created. Ever.

Please see the above attached promotional photograph of this astounding creation for yourself.

NOTE: The preceding mock press release was satirical in nature and does not reflect an actual nightlife experience currently being offered by Wynn Las Vegas, Steve Wynn, or Sean Christie. The writer simply cannot believe that Wynn has finally introduced the cattle call rope rodeo to its property and had to express that utter surprise in the most half-funny and satiric method possible.

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Comments & Discussion:

that's more than mildly disappointing, but expected given the arrival of Ms Winn Spiegel.

I have mixed feelings.

Yes, it looks like crap and it's the opposite of the casual|elegant|intimate|expensive|luxurious|otherhipwords that Wynn is going for.

That said, I really hated when it was busy in there and more chaotic than a Beirut Taco Bell.

I guess in a perfect world they'd go without these things and have enough staff to guide folks into the right place.

Honestly I think this is a step up from the free-for-all that usually happens in that space on a Friday afternoon. I actually hope they do the same at Encore. There is no denying that a single line moves more efficiently than multiple lines.

How is this any different than the fucking maze of robes running through Encore since last Memorial Day?

Ropes, not robes. WTF?

Yet another service cut as it looks to me. In all my experiences at Wynn and Encore, the pleasant idea is that when I come to the check in desk (when not in ETS) I am greeted pleasantly and directed to the shortest possible line. A friendly face comes first, not a Temple Grandin-style carnival maze.

My guess here is that this is yet another "cost cutting" technique, all of which are slowly but surely chipping away at the base of the luxury segment. I wouldn't be surprised if management changes were to blame here. I may be wrong, lets hope so.

Several years ago, I was staying in a Villa at Bellagio. The backyards are works of art - some of the most pristine, beautifully manicured grass and plants one would ever see. Honestly I felt bad even walking on the grass. During the trip, after a long night of drinking with friends, I walked outside to find one of my friends vomiting all over this beautiful scenery. He was still in college at the time, so was used to throwing up in backyards. I thought "how sad...that's going to be tough to cleanup".

Marilyn Wynn Spiegel has shown up to vomit all over the once beautiful place we knew as Wynncore. She doesn't know any better, because she just left the frat house of the casino industry, and let's face it, she was hired there first because she fits into an environment like that.

And yes, it's going to be tough to cleanup when she's done.

Everyone has a different opinion on whether these rope lines are a good idea for check-in. Personally, I like them. There is nothing more irritating than getting stuck behind someone who takes forever to check-in while the lines on either side keep moving.

Yep. This was long overdue. Hope Aria and Cosmo do this as well. I HATE the grocery-style, "pick the shortest looking line" concept.

Even if a friendly staff member directs you to the (apparently) shortest line, if the people in front of you are doing something complicated, you get screwed.

Anyone who lowers their impression of Wynn because of some velvet ropes at the registration area needs to see their proctologist. Because that stick is jammed waayyyyyy up there.

It's not just the ropes.....

The resort check-in free-for-all was a nightmare, so I'm glad to see they are bringing some order to this process. Assuming you had to fly commercial to get there, is this really so bad compared to having to strip down and be irradiated at the airport? Give me a break.

Single queue is faster...on average...but, there is no way to make it look good, sadly...and Americans HATE it.

The get in the shortest line deal never works because the person in front of you has no clue on what to do past the fact that he is standing in front of you. Hence, the invention of the rope line where your path is laid out for you. Adding a rope line isnt exactly the end of the world here.

This is a significant upgrade. Last year, during memorial day weekend, I was waiting to check in at 10:30PM and no less than 6 D-Bags cut in front of me and acted like I wasn't there. Tired and not feeling like my normal bitchy self, I just moved to a shorter line... where some idiot was apparently trying to unify quantum mechanics and classical physics with the help of the incredibly patient clerk. 10 minutes into this, I changed to another line and I kid you not, 5 more d-bags, all in different rooms, joined their lone friend in front of me. I spoke up this time and the trust fund jerks said this chick was holding their place in line. Never mind the fact they all walked up with their bags having never been in the farking line to begin with. Have you ever noticed that people always join their friends in front of everyone else instead of the person forward in the line joining their friends at the end.

I welcome the ropes. I honestly think tazering line jumpers should get a person a reward.

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