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What Brian Thinks : Closing

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 24th March 2011 3:31pm
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Some of you have heard the bad news that Trippies award-winning website/forum WhatBrianThinksAboutLasVegas.com - the only website written on a cocktail napkin - has decided to fold. The website, not the napkin.

In addition to their award winning ways, WhatBrianThinks.com is also famous for being one of the lucky people to have been sued by the LVRJ's incorporated copyright swat team Righthaven because a user copy/pasted an article about Sarah Palin (of all God forsaken things) to his message board. Brian and Righthaven agreed on a settlement of the matter, which has since been dismissed.

After reading Brian's statement, it is obvious that the nonsense hoisted upon him by Righthaven had a helluva lot to with his losing desire to continue fostering his award winning Vegas community.... a god damn shame.

What Brian Thinks

Three cheers to LVRJ/Righthaven for shitting upstream. Hopefully they'll realize that their baseless lawsuits are killing the spirit of the people who love, visit and discuss your city, and the city itself, in the name of short term dollars.

Good luck Brian!

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Comments & Discussion:

As one of the faithful at WBTALV I will miss the site and community. Thanks Brian for running a great site.

It is a shame indeed. It was a great site for many years which came about when LVT went into the dumper.

It definitely will be missed, but from reading Brian's response, at least it appears he'll still be a part of the community. I'd just like to extend my middle finger to Righthaven as well, I definitely believe this was the final straw, although I have a feeling this might have been brewing prior to Righthaven's suit.

Hey Chuckmonster, good to be here. I'm probably overdue in that respect. However, Brian's board was all I really needed over these last few years after having been rescued by him from... Well, best just left unsaid. I'll miss Brian's style of board administration, but I'm told you are a cool dude as well. There are currently efforts to resurrect WBTALV, with similar board features, under a new name and new management. There is hope that that family will be kept together in that comfortable way that Brian established. And that will be a good thing. I have always said, going back to the days when Frank ran Las Vegas Talk as a great place, that I was a 'one Las Vegas board at a time guy'. Well now I guess I'll be a two board guy. And, as far as I can see, that is a good thing.

@historian i think you'll find that a bunch of our regular knuckleheads are some the same folks you've known from WBTALV. The Board at VT is designed to be a low key place for our posse to chit chat... we don't have any interest in being a clearing house of message board insanity. we keep the lights down low and stock a full bar. it is all about the information and a heaping pile of jokes. welcome!

Thanks CM. I'll be feeling my way around here for a while. As far as I can tell at this point, the News forum is the discussion forum for all things Las Vegas. Is that correct, or am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

@historian click on "Board" on the far right of the navigation for the message board. the news section is for commenting on specific blog posts by our staff. lotsa stuff to dig into here!

Somehow, I managed to snag this username on this board many years ago... never thought it would come in so handy. ;-)

Just to be clear: Righthaven was A reason, but they were not THE reason. You can still hate them, though... that would be ok by me.

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