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Trop Watch: Bacio Getting Pellegrino'd

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 23rd March 2011 3:57pm
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Our super duper pal Mr. Thomas McCartney (above), President (and resident laff riot) of the Tropicana showed up in a recent article in the LVRJ (pronounced "Elvurj") touting yet again the multitudinous ways in which the Tropicana is "Changing Everything". Some of you may remember that Mr. McCartney was the Vegas Gang's guest at last years Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza.

Buried about half way down in the article are some tidbits about new stuff coming to the Trop.

The next phase of the renovations are already starting to roll out: a poker room debuts April 15th, new steakhouse, new spa, renovated entertainment venues, new front desk check in area and Nikki Beach.

He also mentions that the Trop's Italian joint Bacio (See VegasEats: Bacio at Tropicana) will be rebranded in conjunction with a "celebrity chef."

We know that Wolfgang Puck will sign his name to anything, but this seems like a stretch. How about Food Network vixen Giada De Laurentiis? Or Nigella Lawson? Or game show winner Aarti Sequiera, or Game show host Tyler Florence (Misnomer's pick) or Olympic Gold Medalist and South Park character Brian Boitano.

Update: The winner is Chef Carla Pellegrino, thanks JohnD.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm pretty sure that the chef in question is Carla Pellegrino.

Yeah, it's Pellegrino and they're only changing the name to 'Baccio by Carla Pellegrino'.

My guess is that Mario Batali will be bringing his orange clogs to the Trop.....

Carla Pellegrino? Testing the outer, crusty baked lasagna-like edges of the definition of "Celebrity Chef" aren't they?

You're not kidding Misnomer. In order to be a "celebrity chef", people have actually have to have heard of you. I guess being a member of the family behind Rao's automatically makes her a celebrity.....

I don't know if I'd call her "celebrity chef" Carla Pellegrino, but the lady can cook. I'm curious to see if she'll go further out there with Bacio than her new place, Bratalian, in Henderson. Having recently eaten at the latter and being unbelievably surprised at the quality of the dining experience, I'm rather interested to see what she pulls out of her hat at Tropicana.

^ Surprised in a good way, or a bad way? I was looking to check that place out soon.

I meant surprised in a good way.

It's location is obviously meant to grab hold of the oldies and the money in Anthem, but it's exceptionally humble and cozy without being boring. The dishes are a pricey for something being served in a strip mall, but the quality is there. As of the opening at the beginning of the month, Pellegrino is usually in the kitchen and routinely comes out to glad-hand guests. Funny also is that a lot of her staff is from Rao's in Las Vegas as well as New York.

Drinking wine? Bring your own bottle as Bratalian hasn't obtained their liquor license yet. Corkage is free until they do.

Well..she was on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay, so maybe that's enough to qualify as a "celebrity chef".

I seriously think I'm staying at the Tropicana in July. I hope Nikki Beach is open by then.

I hate the new "celebrity chef" thing in the world, it's like reality TV, and the Kardashians: a useless title that means nothing. DonnyMac is a hell of a cook and knows his way around a professional kitchen, I think he should get the next big spot in Vegas!!

I mean, he wouldn't ever have to cook, have input on the menu, or help pick the staff. All he would have to do is show up at the grand opening! And all of us could be in his entourage!

Count me in the group that doesn't really consider her a celebrity chef, but I guess it doesn't matter anyway, as many who I've talked to that visited Caesars Raos weren't overly impressed anyway and she was fronting that operation.

I am a bit surprised that they are putting in another steakhouse, isn't that how Biscayne has been slotted?

Also I'm not entirely sure Mr. McCartney has a full grasp of their base, while it's possible that the nights I stayed were an aberration, I would say that currently the Trop's customers tend to skew very old, like Laughlin old. Not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I do hate when a company refuses to acknowledge it's base and misses the mark on what they potentially can be.

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