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The Seven Second Challenge At Todd English P.U.B.

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 22nd March 2011 5:21am
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If you've got a golden throat, there is free beer waiting for you at Todd English P.U.B. at Aria. Proof and explanation:

Shameful waste of a Guinness, but that ain't nothing compared to this guy:

Or this group gulp:

"Dude, how do you feel?"

Marriage material:

Nice bartender:

Proving that being hot gets you everywhere:

If VegasTrippers can pass the Seven Second Challenge at Todd English P.U.B., we will post the video proof!

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Comments & Discussion:

A tip for those who want to take the challenge- when I was there, the bartender said that Guinness is the easiest beer to down, because of its lack of effervescence. He also stated that the bar easily gives away thousands of dollars of free beer in a weekend. Wonder if Jimbo knows this?

@middleclassbuzz why would Jimbo care? He's just the landlord collecting rent from Todd English. And if someone has a video camera in June I will do it!!

You can get two free there per day/visit (not sure if it mentions it in the video). My brother did his two on the last trip at lunch, and our bartender even passed my friend who did it in about 8 or 9 seconds.

Bartenders at the PUB are also a pretty friendly group, I'd highly recommend a visit here.

I was at the PUB last week, easily the worst bar I was at all week. Bartenders acted like they had something better to do, and openly mocked my brother and I when we wanted a proper glass for our beer. For a place that appears to care about Beer its probably not good practice to not have the various types of glass to serve them in. It also probably isn't good practice to ignore people at a bar for 45 mins when they want to pay there tab otherwise they bounce, oh wait that happened.

Place blows, 7 second challenge is a joke as well, one barkeep gave one set of rules another gave a totally different set.

I've been there a dozen times and service has declined noticeable. The food has never been good, but the original bartenders were so good they all got lured away to other properties. They have slowly lowered the limit on the number of free beers (no limit on opening, 7 after the first month, and it was 4 last Thanksgiving). It is surprisingly easy to beat 7 seconds if you choose the right beer.

@donnymac I'll video you if you video me.....burp

Those beers are little!!! I can chug that ish in less than 7 seconds!! Bring it. NOT Guinness, but anything else, bring it on.

Those are definitely 12oz beer glasses, not true pint glasses, and it's not much of a challenge for the typical beer drinker. I've watched a guy at a hockey game chug a 20oz Guinness in less that 7 seconds. Guinness from the tap really is an easy beer to chug, as I've been there done that (Now trying to chug a bottle of Guinness is another story, even with a beer bong.....). Looking at their beer list, besides Guinness, the easy ones to down quickly are Lindeman's Framboise, Fruli Strawberry Beer and Strongbow Cider.

Make it a 16oz Colt 45 and I'm in.

Frats across the country are watching this video and laughing.

I didn't measure them, but I'd be willing to bet they were 16 oz at least, not 12 oz from my visit. I'd even wager they were regular size pint glasses from all that I've seen, although granted I'm not a beer drinker, I do hang around with enough of them that are.

it's pretty easy in my opinion. each beer is about 9 bucks so that's a little bit of motivation right there.

Me, Donnymac, and Spyder will go out there and have a challenge. Canada vs. Germany - May the best country win. Lets do it. I LOVE drinking beer.

That was me in the first video (check my blog DudeFoods.com for the whole story) and I can definitely say that they're regular pint glasses and not 12 ounce glasses like vespajet seems to think.

I still had no problem finishing my beers in time, but there were plenty of people there while we were there that couldn't finish in time and had to pay regular prices (which were an average of around $9 per beer).

I'd say that about half of the people that we saw attempt the challenge failed and it's actually a little more difficult than it sounds. You can't pick up the beer until they flip the timer and it needs to be empty and back on the bar by the time the seven seconds is up so you lose a little bit of time that way.

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