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Angel Management To Open XOXO Supperclub In Crystals?

By Chuckmonster on Sunday, 20th March 2011 4:25pm
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Where oh where did that mysterious XOXO Supperclub go?

Originally planned to open at the Hard Rock - Ago is still accepting reservations for March & beyond - this new joint from Angel Management group has vanished into infinity... with all traces of it removed from the AMG website. Club execs have long been attempting to keep the location of XOXO Supperclub mum, but we've got an inkling that XOXO might now be headed for The Crystals at CityCenter.

XOXO Supperclub Crystals Angel Management Club

VT superferret Mac78013 managed to uncover this posting, which unfurls a slew of renderings of a proposed Angel Management Group nightclub, event room, slash concert venue whose description screams Crystals.

Inspired by the retro-futurism of Syd Mead and the evocative vision of Stanley Kubrick. The space features a kinetic ceiling system, multiple kinetic stage areas and seating arrays and a maze of intricate lower level service facilities.

The space located within the Studio Libeskind City Center is programmed as a multi-functioning Venue that caters to Live Concert Series, Corporate Events, Catering and Night Life Entertainment.

Scheduled to launch for spring 2011, the venue is anticipated to provide patrons the most comprehensive entertainment experience.
XOXO Supperclub Crystals Angel Management Club

Could this be XOXO Supperclub, uprooted and repotted inside Crystals? It wouldn't be the first time that an AMG controlled property has been dug up and moved inside the Mall that Murren Built. Social House, fave sushi joint of many Vegas Trippers, moved to Crystals from Treasure Island. Social House was acquired by AMG in their takeover of Pure Management Group in fall 2010.

XOXO Supperclub Crystals Angel Management Club

Does this spell doomsday for Eva Longoria's money troubled Beso nightclub? Could XOXO Supperclub already be lined up to replace Beso? Can Crystals fill two nightclubs with Haze, Beso, The Bank, Caramel, Marquee and recently announced Hyde Lounge within easy walking distance? Is Las Vegas turning into little more than an overflowing pool of overpriced vodka and house music?

Details aside, this interior design looks like a crazy laboratory in a 70's outer space movie. I love it.

We know someone out there knows what the details are.

Thanks Mac!


Comments & Discussion:

How about inside the first or second floor of the Harmon? (I'm not ready to concede that they are just going to demo it) Beso/Eve is still viable if they can get their house in order.

I too am suspect about this area being able to support so many clubs (also including Chateau at Paris and the new PHo club).

Come on you guys...Vegas was experiencing a boom in high-end hotel room demand, so naturally the market just built and built and built until it "surprisingly" came crashing down on their heads. Now they've recognized high demand for "overpriced vodka and house music" (well put Chuck), so is it any surprise they rush to open as many venues as possible? Looking forward to the $99 vodka bottle table service specials in 3 years that mirror the current trend in high-end room rates.

Side note, I think it would be amazing if they would do a science/lab themed casino, down to double helix columns, sexy lab coats on the cocktail waitresses, and all food and drink served in lab glassware.

^^ i think you might be onto something here. couple it with molecular mixology and you've got a bonafide winner. "Gelatin Vodka Ball" $500

".....proposed Angel Management Group nightclub, event room, slash concert venue whose..."

Sweet, it's only going to be for Slash? Some real music on the Strip!

*please no Black Eyed Peas money grab appearances*

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