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Tonight On Undercover Boss

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 21st March 2011 12:22pm
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MGM Undercover Boss

Tonight on "Undercover Boss" - the product placement reality show - MGM Grand boss Scott Sibella (who apparently has a degree from UNLV in B.S. Hotel Management) dons glasses and wig while pretending to do hard time on the front lines of the hotel.

We'll probably see him do some food service, and a little dealing and hopefully show up onstage in Crazy Horse Paris wearing a thong and some pasties. At the end, he'll bring in the employees he hoodwinked and listened to their hard luck stories - foreclosure, medical issues, hard times - and make a charitable donation in their name for $2,000 and fork over an all expense paid trip to CityCenter (gotta cross promote!)

In this clip, Mr. Sibella - working a roulette table - is caught putting his hands in his pockets... a complete no-no.

It is worth mentioning that the caption on that video is incorrect - it says:

The boss also becomes frustrated with the slowness of their computer system while attempting to check-in guests...

Sound familiar?

It is all pretty obvious, but for the Vegas addicted, will surely be a nice hour long fix of the junk. Too bad Murren didn't do it.

Update: watch it online here.

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The thing I love about this show is that we find it abnormal and therefore entertaining that a high paid executive would actually *gasp* have interaction with the ground level operations of their own business. I think Bill Maher made a similar rant once about this show. Really shows what a joke these bloated corporate cultures are. Wow, he only now realizes the computer system is slow... really earning that multi-million dollar payday and golden parachute huh?

OTOH talktobrent, as with all "reality TV" (at least in america) its not really about reality. :D

(even news and documentaries are no longer about facts)

"The thing I love about this show is that we find it abnormal and therefore entertaining that a high paid executive would actually *gasp* have interaction with the ground level operations of their own business."

I actually get the conceit behind it - normally when the high paid executive has interaction with the ground level overations, it's a controlled interaction. The managers of the ground level operations do not want the executive to see anythign really bad happening, so they make sure everything goes according to procedure. In this, it's a slightly less controlled environment, as the ground level thinks they are interacting with a peer, as opposed to a boss. With that said, I don't know how much longer the show can keep it up without being caught.

(Today's show was different in that the cover story was that there were two people being followed, with one ending up with a job. Once they wear through that, what's the next cover story? Actually saying it's for Undercover Boss and hoping that nobody believes it.)

Oh, and it only took about 10 seconds for a whopper to come out of the boss's mouth - apparently it was the construction of the MGM Grand that caused all of the development in the 90s/00s.

(What made that even funnier was when the boss later said that his opinion was that Las Vegas overdeveloped and that helped the economy falter even more. Way to make people connect the MGM Grand to economic misery.)

I noticed that whopper as well and yelled at the TV

I missed this tonight...Damn bathroom remodeling. Anyone out there have a link so i can watch it?

Lessons I learned while playacting at the MGM, by Scott Sibella
1) Duh, dealing and counting sure is hard...let's bring in those auto blackjack dealers. Better yet, all slot machines, all the time
2) If we can't do that, let's bring in the shuffle master: shoes make it difficult to deal. Under no circumstances will be cut down the number of decks to one or two though.
3) Smokers are pigs, let's fire all smokers to enhance productivity. The ones that don't smoke, well little fans are cancer blockers, aren't they?
4) Rotting floral arrangements? Let's dump the suckers on the infirmed...at least they can make some pot pourri.
5) Resort fees...our customers never mention resort fees...why do you ask?

I get a feeling this whole episode was really fake. For those that don't know if you want to get a job as a dealer at a decent property in this town you have to audition for the job. You wouldn't grab a guy off the street and let him deal, but ok it's a TV show. Wouldn't you need a gaming card before you're allowed to deal a live game? but lets pretend that's all taken care of.

It seemed awfully fixed, and if the employees weren't in on it the customers seemed a little fake. But all that aside, they should have had him deal a complicated game like Pai Gow then maybe work at Valet and park some cars or maybe be a bell man and carry some bags. How about being a waiter at a high end place like Robuchon, butler at a Skyloft, usher at Ka, or make it the best episode ever and have him be a maid and make him clean a room that's been completely trashed.

Oh yeah I almost forgot it would have been great if everyone complained about the damn resort fee when they were checking in.

Posted: Jan. 28, 2011 | 2:04 a.m.
A camera crew has been following a mystery man in a bad wig around the MGM Grand for a week. Some of the hotel's 9,000 employees have their suspicions....

@Kaghekitokiri please don't paste quotes from LVRJ here. we can't afford to be sued by those goons.

I can't believe he was that clueless about the property he was running.If so the members of this board could run it better from home.
I always thought that the consortium of knowledge and Vegas experience on this board would qualify to run a hotel/casino.

chuck, i didnt think i quoted that many words. they are more aggressive than average?

k - you quoted three full paragraphs. its probably within the limitations of fair use, but i'd rather not spend 20k$ finding out. no bigs.

roger that >

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