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Vdara Two Bedroom Penthouse Gets YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 19th March 2011 7:55am
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After hearing about our repeated troubles dealing with the Cosmopolitan's hotel operations, VT reader @pinchemike dumped it for a two bedroom penthouse at Vdara. He and his knucklehead buddies brought back a groovy video walkthrough for us to share. Take a looksi:

Funny.... it looks a helluva lot better than I remember it looking, which I attribute to spending a lot of time in the Cosmopolitan hotel room universe over the last few months. Sharp!

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Comments & Discussion:

Not sure what I expected, but it seems a little 'standard' to me. Aside from the tubs it has to be one of the more boring two-bedrooms i've seen. At a similar/lower price point, I would definitely opt for the PHo Tower 2 bdrm or MB's.

I'm not going to lie... it looks sharp, indeed. I love that around every corner, there's another impressive view.

I'm with middleclassbuzz, that room is slick. I almost wish we got a daytime view. Imagine how bright that room is the morning-after with all of that south-facing goodness.

I want to see the two-story number, now. Those looks pretty as well.

Also, that camera guy has mad Shang Tsung skills.

Not over the top but I LOVE all the glass, and yes I imagine it is bright as hell in the morning (I can attest from my glass enclosed condo right now!) thankfully it looks like they have some decent roman style shades.

I'm with parchedearth. My first reaction was Boring. No character to it, imo.

They had quite the view of the Elvis Banner..seriously thought, you can see plenty of the Strip and Beyond from that vantage point..

Looks a bit cramped to me. Don't like the fact the loo doesn't have its own room. Nice views, though.

it was boring and a little cramped. to borrow a mike_ch term, "Modern Generic Moderne" i'm going back to just wynncore and aria skysuites. my biggest complaint was that the walls are too naked, kitchen area (or as i like to call it, wet bar w/ stove) being in the middle of the hallway was a little weird , and at 1300+ ft it was just too small for what i consider a penthouse. and chuck is right, that tub is a little weird to step out of. wanted to do the walkthrough during the day but i was recovering from excessive gin and bourbon consumption. i will say one thing, that hotel gets a lot of bachelorette party bookings. thanks for watching. thanks for commenting.

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