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Las Vegas Club Gets Loose

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 16th March 2011 4:22pm
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Vegas Club Loose Slots

Our dear friend Dr. Dave has a story in the latest edition of Vegas Seven all about the Las Vegas Club's dramatic loosening of their slot hold percentage.

The gist is that The Las Vegas Club loosened their slot hold percentage by 40%, giving players more play for their buck. The result is that the casino has gone from an island of desolation to hopping even during the graveyard shift. I'm going to go on the record and say that I had the best luck at the slots during my recent trip than I've had ever... lets hope that this evolves from isolated incident to trend.

This is super essential reading for slot players, downtown fans and Vegas watchers everywhere.

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Comments & Discussion:

I saw the signs when I was staying Downtown a few weeks ago and got a bit of a chuckle. There's one strategically placed so that it's facing the Cal that's a bit of a dig at Boyd Gaming's Downtown properties' customer base (Aloha Spirit?).

I find the digs directed at the Boyd properties, the Golden Gate, and the Golden Nugget to be a bit desperate, as Las Vegas Club has to be the most depressing property Downtown (I'll give the Union Plaza a bit of pass since a lot of what makes it depressing is due to the ongoing renovations, but it was pretty sad before they shut the bulk of the place.). I went in there my first night of my trip (Wednesday) and the place was quite dead while the Golden Gate, Binion's, and the Golden Nugget had very active casinos.

Las Vegas Club is having to take pot shots at their competitors with these ads as well as loosening the slots in a few parts of the casino as they have nothing of any note to attract folks into the place. They have their boobjack pit, but it isn't in use every night like the ones at the Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, and Binion's. They've gotten rid of their evening magic show, which had to be a pretty lame show if the magician, his assistant, and the dog they use in the act had to go try to attract the punters by standing outside of the Las Vegas Club before showtime. Tinoco's Kitchen is a good place to eat, but it's not the kind of place that folks would normally go out their way for unless they were familiar with the place from when it used to be in the Arts District. I know when myself, Donnymac, Spyder, and the rest of their crew ate there on a Saturday night back in June, the place was rather empty for a Saturday night.

I do have to say that with the (Union) Plaza having its' rooms shuttered for renovation and the property being reduced to a rather sparse setup, that does have a bit of a knockoff effect for the LVC.

Does the LVC even have a loyal following? Based on my ventures into it over the last few years, it may be like that of the Western.....

I saw this too- just like the Station Casinos' billboards around the valley that say "we've turned our slots loose" To make any games suddenly 'loose' only implies that for the last who knows how many years they've been turned 'tight' and have been hosing us!

Good luck to LVC. Tighter slots in the recession gave the bean-counters a short-term revenue boost but it's so idiotic to fleece your customers like that, especially when they're feeling the recession too.

I've read plenty of comments at the Sun and LVRJ from long-time slots players who've all but quit coming to Vegas because it just isn't worth it anymore. When a bankroll that used to last a day only lasts an hour, why even bother? That's not fun.

I'd love to see the Trop go the "loose slot" route. They could suck the surrounding MGM properties dry if they could cultivate a genuine rep for looser slots.

I didn't play at all at the LVC on my last trip, but I have to say I'll give it a chance on my next trip. More play on same dollars is a huge benefit to machine players and hold % had gotten obscene over the last couple years.

I don't look at it as desperate, actually it reminds me of what properties used to do when they acknowledged they were casinos.

I think I asked this on TWH3 but has anyone seen any updated quotes from Michael Gaughan on whether his 'loosening' of the slots had the desired effect they wanted on the business? If I remember correctly about a year ago that was their game plan at South Coast.

I hope they've fumigated their carpet. Last time I walked through there on the way to Main Street Station, it smelled so bad that the slots would have to be shooting quarters out randomly to even get me to slow down.

Ditto on the carpet. I actually parked at the LVC parking structure as it was a flat $5 for however long and walking through the casino I couldn't stop gagging. It smelled so horrid, and no, it wasn't just, or primarily even, the smell of cigarettes. It was just nasty and old smelling.

But the story that is linked on this article here is actually really. I'm certainly going to be stopping at the LVC on my next trip to play some. Not even so much that they have loosened their slots but moreso because they are the underdog. Them competitors taking potshots at LVC just makes me want to give them my business even more so (I always tend to have a soft spot for the underdog). Look forward to playing at LVC on my next trip.

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