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Request for Urgent Transfer of Status Points From Bank of Grazie

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 16th March 2011 1:12pm
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How many times has this happened to you....

Hello, my name is Dr. Sheldon Palazzovenetian and I am here to solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction. I am top Federal Appointed government official interested in importation of goods into our country where funds are currently trapped in Nigeria.

The source of this fund is an unlimited supply of invented currency - status points - which we are prepared to transfer to your account held by Bank of Grazie. Due to current restrictions re: transfer of trapped funds in Nigeria, we are required to pay government wire restriction funds to the tune of $129/night by cash transfer. Upon receipt of these funds we will be allowed to release the sum of 5000 (five thousand) status points into your account at Bank of Grazie.

As the head of Bank of Grazie, I, Dr. Sheldon Palazzovenetian, guarantee to you that the Bank of Grazie will only be able to redeem Status Points for account holders who transfer funds to us in excess of $10,000 per day at one of our many gaming kiosks or desks.

We look forward to doing business with you and solicit your confidentiality in this transaction. Please contact us via email or web sight to arrange transfer $129/night deposit or arrange $10,000 payment.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. Sheldon Palazzovenetian

Please Quote Reference Number MA/C8/910/3 in all your responses

Yes folks. Fresh off of the CEO making an announcement to investors that they've cut comps for all but their highest players, the Venetian/Palazzo is offering 5000 useless status points to folks who book one of their rooms for the extravagant rate of $129/night.


If the CEO says to investors that they've cut comps for all but the highest players, then the casino marketing department emails out promos that promise shower points redeemable for comps on $129/night schlubs... someone isn't telling the truth. Fibbing to investors is a breach of fiduciary laws and might land one in jail. Fibbing to customers, well the whole casino business is based on that isn't it?

Thanks to VT reader Drake for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Fuck them. Seriously. It was bad enough house keeping left rotting death in my mini bar and didn't clean it when I asked. How many status points until Sheldy reaches over here and fondles my considerable nuts?

I received this email from them yesterday. I am staying there this weekend (would rather stay at Wynn/Encore or try Cosmo but the wife overruled me since Palazzo was the cheapest by far) and I almost considered cancelling my current reservation and booking through this offer just to get the 5,000 bonus points. Before I did anything that stupid, I realized it wasn’t worth the few minutes it would take to complete the transaction since the points are worthless. You need 30,000 to reach the next level anyway and the perks at that level aren’t that special.

As a gold member my wife gets status points at the rate of 20 X dollar charged to the room. Oddly enough. when we were there in February she received status points for her free play that she used.

Offering status points to paying customers is moronic. What good are they other than for gold status, which you get with play?

I do not understand the promotional value of status points. Then again, I don't understand the concept of theoretical win that they are using.

To be honest, my original thought on the status points was that it was easy to gain them . But the 20 times bonus is only available IF YOU STAY IN THEIR FUCKING HOTEL, WHICH WE WILL NEVER DO.

considering the hotel options in vegas, i dont understand why people still book at MEGACENTER, getting a little back in the form of comps is one of the things that eases the pain after getting fucked in the casino, and then after reading shit like this just gives me a headache. they should hand out t-shirts at the players club booth that say club grazie, but MEGACENTER on one side, and I GOT FUCKED HERE on the other. at least you would stand out as a repeat customer

As I tweeted early this week, I rec'd in the mail an offer for 3 free nights, including weekends. Good thru April 20th. My play is not in the whale range, but maybe in the low diamond level range. So I was all like "watch yoo talkin bout Sheldon??" when I received the offer. so yeah Sheldon's definition of high rollers might be far ranging and vague-- which sounds like a plausible defense. But I wonder if what really happened here is that the social mediums have scored a temporary victory of some sorts. If anything his statements hurt the property's image more than its bottom line, although I will dream and hope that the upcoming quarter shows some bleeding from The Sands Vegas enterprises.

did you guys know that Sheldon Adelson originally auditioned for the role of David's father in the movie Independence Day?
the producer was overheard afterwards saying "that Sheldon kid did really good, but we decided to go with judd hirsch instead because ol' Shelly came across as a little too...jewy"

here's the proff, about 24 seconds in:

I see they've gone to the Whose Line Is It Anyway? method of dealing out points. They're free, they're meaningless, why the hell not give everyone a whole BUNCH of 'em on arrival?

Yep. The Grazie Point has become the Zimbabwe dollar of Reward Club currencies. Who knows, maybe 5000 points will get you a 10% discount on a cup of coffee.

Chuckmonster, a brilliant spoof on the fraud that is Grazie. I got one of these emails a few days ago, chuckled, and then hit delete. No need to visit the Megacenter casinos ever again.

I was Gold once. No big deal. Got me just a penny short of nothing.

Now, they want to give me 5,000 points after I actually pay for a room. Have not paid for a room in the past 9 visits to Vegas. Okay, I pay lots, but not directly. Lost enough at V/P to pay for many rooms, but will never, ever return after they pulled the comps.

They must really have some NON-CASINO people running things there. The stuff they are sending out should is downright embarassing.

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