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The Best Slot Machine Stools In Vegas Are At...

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 15th March 2011 1:09am
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My ass. Let's talk about it.

My ass defies gravity. It bends laws of physics, reverses biology, disproves mathematics and debunks fashion. For 41.4 years the world has been enjoying it - free of charge - staring, poking, wondering, discussing, discussing, comprehending. Hey, I enjoy it too. Sometimes too much. That's when it becomes revolting, my ass that is.

If there is one thing my awesome ass and your slightly-less-awesome ass have in common, it is the sense of joy they gets when cradled and caressed by deliciously comfortable slot machine stools. As God is my asses witness, we guarantee you that our field research is thorough.

My ass - an acknowledged leader in this specific niche - has declared that the bestest and most comforting slot machine stools found anywhere in the world are in the new(ish) casino expansion at the Hard Rock Las Vegas.

Hard Rock Slot Chairs

Ooooooh. Fake snakeskin... soft... comfy... cushy... padded... sculpted ever so subtly to fill and protect sensitive crevices and provide clearance for extraneous appendages. Mmmmm. Butter.

These are the best slot machine stools in all of Las Vegas. Go visit... and whisper ever so sweetly that Chuck sent ya.

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Comments & Discussion:

I can't beleive they are nicer than the leather luxury at the Wynn, but we will give them a try.

I like the ones at Aria, but will try out Wynn and HR on next trip

I think the animal skin is cool. I was hoping Cosmo would go through with their early renderings of cheetah and zebra print chairs but they didn't .::sniff::

Hard Rock's are nice.

Since we are talking about the nicest, can we talk about the worst too. The frigging stools at Mirage are awful, no back support, wobbly, and the aisles are so small, you feel like you are playing on top of the person behind you. (which wouldn't be bad for other activities and depending on the person.)

Red Rock, hands (and asses) down.

Even more important than the stool itself are the following: 1)that little slanted foot shelf to put your feet up on; 2)a place on the side of the machine to rest my drink; and 3) enough space on either side so people are not rubbing/bumping you.

Golden Nugget are pretty damn comfortable as well

The ones at the Wynn and Encore were damn comfy.

Are those chairs absorbant?

Parchedearth nailed it, the damn foot shelf has to be available. Which now excludes all CET properties.

About the Mirage... I agree and disagree about their stools. When I first started playing there one night I was immediately complaining about the stools... Where is the back support?!? However, when I was finished playing but stuck around to watch my friend play, I suddenly appreciated the stools. You do it, I do it, we see everyone else doing it: Watching someone else play.

It's nice to not have to back a chair out just to sit down for a few minutes to watch someone else play, or even if you just wanna sit for a minute and play a quick dollar. In that respect, them light-weight stools are really nice. A lot of casinos seem to have super heavy chairs and pulling them out to sit down or twirling them around to watch someone else play can be exasperating. So in that respect them stools at the Mirage are not without some benefit.

Though when playing yourself for hours on end, it does get uncomfortable. So like everything else, there are pros and cons.

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