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Cosmopolitan Bungalows Unveiled!

By Blackjacker1979 on Monday, 14th March 2011 11:13pm
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Cosmopolitan Bungalows

Fresh off the Facebook presses, and thanks to our resident internet ferret, we now have a lot more insight and a more first hand look at the Bungalow offerings at the Cosmopolitan. Specifically Bungalow 8.

The pictures give a good idea of the two sided view of the Day Club Pool, and Bellagio/Jockey Club roof that most of these supposed luxury units will offer. In addition, we can also see the decor, which is a lot more subdued and calm compared to the penthouse tower units we've seen. There's a nice mix of mod meets glitz, but I'm still left wanting more. Although the bathroom with infinity tub is pretty sweet.

Also worth noting is the expansive exterior area these units will offer on the Marquee side, which is sure to be the reason they'll be able to get that maximum dollars to douchebag ratio which will make the tower units the respite for the whales and anyone with common sense.

Color me meh.

(Thanks as always to Mac78130)

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Nice find.

Based on the layout (lots of open space, multiple wet bars, ridiculous amounts of seating), my guess is they were designed primarily as function/event (i.e. party) space, and only secondarily as overnight accommodations.

Just like rentable "party houses" in Miami or L.A., the bedrooms and bathrooms are more about creating an authentic residential feel for an event than they are about providing a genuinely luxurious place for a person to spend the night.

My guess is a lot of the revenue is going to come from names like "Microsoft Product Launch", "Travel Channel Promo Shoot", and "Ciroc Sponsored VIP After-Party" more than from actual paying guests intending to roll their luggage in and get some sleep.

I can also see Marquee marketing them as super-premium VIP areas during their operating hours. They already have clientle willing to drop 5 figures just to get a booth on the dance floor for 4 1/2 hours, so the club could probably get their money's worth holding a few of them over the weekend for the temporary use of big-spending club goers.

P.S. I actually kind of prefer the design of the Palms' bungalows:

We are going to Cosmo in 21 days. I really hope the hotel doesn't reach DB status before we get to enjoy it. I hate the DB crowd. I will avoid this pool area like the plague.

You're too late to avoid the DB crowd--Deutsche Bank took over the project in 2008.

Chris77 -

The bungalows are under control of Casino Marketing, which means the corporate parties are being kept to a minimum. This also means Marquee is not selling them as a upgraded bottle service area...just the opposite. The Cosmopolitan guests who occupy the bungalows have reserved cabanas just outside the patio and direct access to the club.

Being familiar with the Palms Bungalows, I can say Cosmopolitan is the winner. Larger (3 levels), better views, private access, and the real winner...a bathroom on the ground floor. (important when you don't want friends of friends going through your stuff when "taking a piss.")

Hmmm, that circular glass table looks like the perfect place to chop up an eight ball...

I recently stayed here and took a quick walk around video for everyone. I believe its the first inside view on the internet of these bungalows. Enjoy!

Bungalow 8:

Bungalow 9:

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