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Celine Dion Uses Japan Disaster To Promote Show Opening

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 14th March 2011 3:27pm
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I'm shocked. Horrified. As someone who has some experience in earthquake disasters (Northridge 1994), I can tell you first hand that there is absolutely nothing more humbling and terrifying than having the earth under your feet bounce and grind around you every five minutes for a week or so. Throw a tsunami on top of it and I can't even begin to comprehend. Nuclear explosions. Radiation? WTF. 10,000+ people dead? Holy...

For all the shock and horror of the Japanese natural disaster, I'm even more incensed and disgusted by Celine Dion using the Japanese natural disaster as a way to gain newspaper column inches that by proxy promote her return to Caesars Palace this week.

Sick to my stomach.

Nobody cares Celine Dion feels bad about the Japanese people in their time of disaster. WE ALL FEEL BAD about it. It fucking sucks. It is a tragedy. Telling Norm! about your winning Japanese singing competitions, sold out concerts in Osaka and have Japanese fans does absolutely nothing to help the Japanese people. It is doing nothing but promoting the opening of her god damn show.

This goes down in the annals of assholehood as one of the most vile, self serving, acts of absolutely shameless self promotion I have ever witnessed in seven years of watching the bullshit stream out of Las Vegas. If Celine Dion really fucking cared, she'd donate the proceeds from the first MONTH of her shows to Japanese Red Cross or equivalent AND get Caesars to match it.

I honestly can't believe that the great and mighty Norm! went along with this.

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I dunno. They're answering questions they're being asked. If anything, blame journalists for trivializing a tragedy with strained, ridiculous attempts at fabricating a local angle...including the channel 5 segment on how the earthquake is going to impact sushi prices here in Vegas. Now, that's weak. Expressing sympathy doesn't read as opportunistic to me. (P.S. I work at Caesars, but that doesn't mean I'm not right.)

Just a point - those weren't nuclear explosions. I'm still here. ^^

Yeah, after reading that, I'm not sure it's Celine that's to blame here, but Norm. Stay classy, either way.

reminds me of hurricane Katrina, where she and her grandfather, er, husband donated "one million dollar" to the relief efforts, according to her video message.

yes, one million "dollar", not "dollarS".

here's hoping the giant Trojan horse in the Forum Shoppes falls on her throat.

Sorry, I don't see why this causes such apoplexy here.

I'm no Celine fan. But this is fairly standard stuff -- when a natural disaster happens, and a celebrity is being interviewed that has some connection (no matter how tenuous) to the location of said disaster, they get asked about it.

Move along. Nothing new or particularly shocking here.

Totally agree with (most of) the above. For starters, none of those quotes have come from her. For another, there are only 2 quotes from the hub, responding to direct questions. It's not her reminiscing about her sold out concerts, I assume that's just Norm's research to prop up his story.

I can't abide Celine's music but I don't think there's anything to criticise her for here.

I, as a good Canadian, would like to apologize for Celine. We tried to kick her out of the country before, but Anne Murray stepped up and defended her. But I say, don't trust her, she is "french"-Canadian after all......

On a similar note, Justin Bieber, our bad, we're soooooo sorry!

Norm is beyond reproach. He's an old-school AP guy who has passed up more exclusives (because of not having 100% proof) than Robin Leach has used the word "exclusive" (or so it seems). He can't be bought or bribed. I simply believe he ran with Celine's statement and then added information that her fans may not know about her. His job is now that of an entertainment writer and Celine is an entertainer.

Per Celine's statement: statements like that are extremely common after a tragedy. Side Note: CET has never been an advertiser. Nor has Celine.

@Chuck I'll tell you what would make an interesting post (and generate waves of comments): Most of us in the 702 can't understand your love/hate relationship with Las Vegas. On one hand, you are making a living selling Las Vegas. Many of the Google Adsense ads that support you are shoveling the same shit that you are critical of. You remind people that everything Las Vegas does is to separate them from their money. But as a commercial site, you are party to that.

Your M.O. seems to revolve around poking and prodding at everything Las Vegas related that you feel can draw a reaction (or that can get cease and desist order). Leaking marketing plans. All of which pretty much assures that you'll never get the kind of major advertising contracts that a Vegas site needs to provide a competitive full-time income (IE, similar money to what you'd make in other fields with your skills). Yet... you've positioned yourself to the point where if shows or gaming companies bought ads, your readers may brand you a sell-out (kind of backing yourself into a corner).

I'm know both your readers and a huge chunk of this industry would be extremely interested in a treatise on what appears to be heavily-conflicted goals. Your site is tops. Beats the hell out of mine (although I should note our newsletter is our key product so our site focus lags). But all that hard work seem for nothing because you're more interested bashing the very product you are promoting.

So Ted, what you're saying is that if I tone it down a little and/or kiss a little ass, VT will make more advertising money? What exactly is your rule of thumb?

@AccessVegas I can't speak for Chuck, but I'm in it for the pussy.

I think Norm specifically dedicated this column to Dion's new show. I think when she was interviewed, the question of the Japan diaster came up because it is a current event and she just answers the question. I don't think she's using the diaster to gain attention, the column already was dedicated to her, she just uses it to address the Japan diaster. I believe thats what happened. Its not like, "Hey! Im going to talk about Japan to gain attention to my show!", more like, "Today we'll be talking about my show, but I want to mention the Japan diaster". I guess thats what happened...

@chuck First of all, I absolutely respect that you let my comment fly. You welcome open discussion. And always have. Huge props.

Per the "Rule Of Thumb" that you ask about: I've never (and I mean EVER) pimped something that I didn't enjoy. Or... that if something I'm not interested in but was enjoyed by my readers in the context of me turning them on to something that they enjoyed. We are very careful to put things into context. Even with our advertisers.

Yes... we do a little advertorial. I have always enjoyed Primm (pending advertorial). Good getaway from here (Vegas). AND, significant interest from readers (international readers) asking about it, wanting to know how to get there. IE... if reader interest and I like the product/experience, I'll take the ad.

Per my other advertiseros: I absolutely stand behind Jersey Boys, i4Vegas, PeepShow, BMG, Maverick Helicopter, et. al. We've had 1 complaint about our advertisers in the past FOUR years. (Someone had an issue with not getting the coupons i4Vegas promised).

But we do no sell-out bullshit. I've turned down thousands (and thousands) of $$$ on stuff that I didn't feel good about promoting. I can only imagine how much Norm! has turned down.

Turning this back on you:

Chuck... I'm a fan. You are doing amazing things. We LOVE to read you. Holy Shit... I had a long-time friend of mine who runs a Hawaii-based Vegas site email me about what I posted here. That is how I found out you responded.

Don't suck up... but tell us why you keep trying to poke a stick in everyone's ass! Tell us why leaking an MGM marketing report is so important!

With all due (and MAJOR respect to you):

You didn't answer my original post. As I view this very page right now, an ad pimps the IP. You know what? I agree. There are people it will appeal to. But certainly not to your editorial crew are satisfied with nothing outside of Wynncore. (The ones who voted Gold Coast as worst).

What are YOUR guidelines? Why do YOU work so hard to diss on so much regarding Las Vegas? Bottom line is that the VAST majority of people who visit Las Vegas return again. If we were shoveling shit... well... I'd guess people would visit once and not come back.

I've laid my arguments (and follow-up) on the table. Which I very much appreciate you letting me do. Myself (and hundreds) of people in this business would enjoy you doing the same.

Is it wrong to suggest you do a long-form post on why you have such a dichotomy about Las Vegas?

Ted. I'm not going to write the post you request as there is no reason to. The issue you are having difficulty wrapping your head around is that VT doesn't exist to 'promote' Las Vegas. The industry does fine enough job promoting itself.

The goal of this website is the same now as it was when it started, to provide a forum for the writers (originally me) and the community (originally Vespajet) to share our travel experiences while debunking the smoke and mirrors. Despite growing popularity, the mission has not changed since. I sincerely doubt it ever will.

If you'll excuse me, I have other more important stuff to deal with.

I think you're blowing this way out of proportion. As others have noted, after any major news event, when celebs are being interviewed, they're always asked what they think or feel about it. (It always makes me roll my eyes, because really, why should a celebrity's opinion matter any more than the rest of ours? And there's really only one answer they can give "I feel sorry for everyone involved." It's not the best journalistic question to ask.) But put yourself in her shoes. What was she supposed to say? "I don't want to talk about it because people might misinterpret it as self-aggrandizement?" People who don't like Celine are going to find fault with anything and everything she does, no matter what.

This is simply not true, I work for Caesars at The Colleseum and off the bat Celine gave U.S. $5 Million and she will be donating the proceeds from numerous shows to this cause! What you don't realize is the people of Japan will need help for years to come - Celine will be making monthly donations - do you even realize all she has done to help others? Celine has herself built over 200 Hospitals through-out Canada to help save dying children,as well she is now building HOSPICE nursing homes to help take care of the dying period... Furthermore she's the ONLY thing thats going to save Las Vegas bringing her 35 Million fans around the world to the city for her show - "you shouldn't bite at the only hand that's trying to help Las Vegas" - where's all the other SUPER STARS? Certainly not based in Las Vegas trying to save our economy !!!!!

@jcjcd if you think celine dion is the only thing that is going to save las vegas, you've been listening to too much celine dion.

Your a waste of time, you delete comments and refuse to tell the truth... oh an by the way - I don't think 35 Million people all trying to flock to Las Vegas in droves to se her show hurts the Economy! There's always gotta be at least one Hater in the bunch...
LMAO AT YOU! - Celine will still be the #1 Female Recording Artist in history when your dried up little blog has blown far far away!
She doesn't need ANYTHING to promote her show - SHE IS CELINE!


Now if that last video didn't get your attention - just imagine this... she sold out 5 years in a row without a disaster and she accomplished all of this ... despite people like you!


@jcjcd it is a shame with all that talent she still has a horse face. she's almost as ugly as sarah jessica parker.

I highly doubt 35 million people are going to flock to Vegas to see her show when not even 2 million of them bought her last record.

@jcjcd: If we're playing 'name your favorite Canadian', I have to go with Bryan Adams. Mmmmmm.

Actually, I'm gonna flip on Summer of '69 right now.

I didn't realize that press releases were considered "resouces" [sic].

Fuck Celine and Caesars at the same time.

Who is this Celine?

The gay man in me just can't help but add fuel to the fire.

Most successful female artist in the world?? That must come as a surprise to Madonna and Mariah Carey, whose certified sales of 156 and 117 million (respectively) are above the 111 million Dion is certified for.
(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_successful_musicians)

And as a side note, despite being pop divas, Madonna and Carey do write and produce their own material... unlike Dion.

Haha... "the gay man in me"

^ scream.

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