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Cosmopolitan City Room Photo Review

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 8th March 2011 4:04pm
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As promised, here are some photos from our 90 minute stay in Cosmopolitan's comparatively claustrophobic City Room.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Chair

The terrace.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Aria

But soft, what light through yonder window breaks... 'tis the recently shifted Center of thine city... Aria!

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Pool

Alas, below. The pool and the ledge from which that poor soul jumped.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Broom

The bathroom.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Track

Towel/amenities rack. Odd that there is a tub mat, being that there is no tub in the room.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Sink

Sink. Same stuff as all the other Cosmopolitan rooms.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Can

The throne room features a frosted glass stall door just like Aria's does. Still not sure about that.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Soap

Soaps in the shower.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Showe

The shower features window peekaboo access from the bedroom. This room only comes in a dual queen config. 98% of folks who reserve dual queens do so because they don't want to sleep together, the other 2% is for families bunking up ~4 in a room. These types of visitors probably don't want a see through shower. This is thoughtless design.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Tag


Cosmopolitan Cityroom Minib

Minibar with strange turquoise mirror frame and fraudulent Louis Vuitton dresser.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Close

The Closet

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Desk

The Desk. The mirrors which surround it are supposed to make these incredibly puny rooms seem larger. In fact, the opposite is true... the furnishings that are right next to you, are right next to you on both sides.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Beds

Dual queens. I still love the his/hers wall hangings over the beds.

Cosmopolitan Cityroom Phone

The phone, off the hook, plays hold music as we wait for the front desk to do nothing. Didn't Binion's have these tables (in pink) in their rooms during the last hotel renovation they did?

If you find yourself faced with the choice of staying in a Cosmopolitan City Room, upgrade yourself to the Terrace Studio (one level up) or upgrade yourself to another property - Aria - at the same or better price.

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Comments & Discussion:

So that's where the tub mat for my room was! I've been looking for it since December.

Is that some generic white tile in the shower???
I had really liked the mosaic-like tile in our bathroom there.
Since you can potentially see it from the bedroom, maybe they didn't want to clash. Nah, that doesn't explain orange tables and turquoise mirror frames. nevermind

I'm actually diggin the room a little more than I thought I would now that I've seen candid shots of the city room. It's still my least favorite room though. I will say, that's one helluva view out of the room. It's a totally different view for a Vegas room.

One other thing...this goes for ALL the Cosmo rooms so far, I'm diggin the trippy wallpaper in the loo. Seriously.

I don't recall seeing any such tables at Binion's the two times I stayed there.

I have to say that the wallpaper in the closet creeps me out.

I did spend some time in Cosmo over the weekend, and based on my dining, drinking and gaming experiences, I really like the place. I may have to book a few nights there my next trip.

Nice view of Aria!

I'm not a big fan of the peek-a-boo shower in almost any situation...even if I'm sharing a room with someone I DO want to see naked, but you're absolutely right, it is an absolutely stupid design decision to istall them in what are, let's be honest, your "work horse" inventory. These are the rooms you're selling in bulk to tour operators and conventioneers...and they're packing them as full as they can...including, sometimes, putting people who have NEVER MET together as roommates! Awkward, to say the least. (Unless, by chance, you're the guy no one thinks is gay who is assigned to room with the hot guy from marketing...but, sadly, how often does that happen, really???)

I'm guessing that guest who orginally book the City Rooms are actually getting to stay in them. Then having to be upgraded to a Terrace room.

My problem with the peek-a-boo shower is that I don't want the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning to be short curly hairs and soap scum.

Wow, that sleep space is tiny. Thankfully the bathroom is a nice size, and it looks like there are some areas that have some room, but by the windows and the space to the door are atrocious. My room at Four Queens last trip had a bit of a problem, but nothing like that, and I expect that downtown. (just really a bad room to try and fit a king size bed in.)

Once while staying at Harrahs, we couldn't open the drawers from the dresser fully as they hit the king size bed.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them retrofit a discrete shower curtain for that window. That's definitely the wrong amount of wrong for a "buddy" trip!

Wait a second -- am I seeing this right?

Not only do you see into the shower from the room, but you also can see straight through the bathroom to a frosted door to the toilet too where you can see the silhouette of your roommate handling personal matters on the crapper? That's just WRONG!

Amen @Drake Amen

It’s too bad…they probably spent a pretty penny on the massive double headboard for the dual queen configuration. In a year or two, I expect the current or future owner to convert some of these city rooms into King rooms…then the shower peek-a-boo would make much more sense. As for the unnecessary shower peek-a-boos in the remaining dual queen rooms….it appears in the photo as though there is a shade or a type of blind that can come down and cover the glass….Chuck, can you confirm? If that’s the case, it’s still pointless, but at least there is a solution to the privacy issue.

@mfp01 yes, there is a blind that goes down over the peekaboo shower and a barn door for the bathroom.

If you look at the top of the "shower window" there are blinds up there. Don't ask me how you get them down...probably controlled thru the TV like everything else. Still does not help the frosted door on the toilet. Yuck!
From all the pics I have seen of the rooms at Cosmo...privacy is an issue. They do all have blinds on those peek-as-boo showers in the rooms...guess I will be figureing out how to use the ones in the Terrace 1 bedroom come April...I DO NOT need to watch my friend shower...lol

The blind is purely manual. There are no remote controls for drapes or blinds.

I know this because I sorta broke one in the other room by pulling the cords too hard.

BTW Chuck I love your comment on the "terrace"

Seems to me in my youth, I visited some strip clubs that had shower strippers and the specialty was the rub your naked body on the windowed wall. Do the showers come with strippers?

Can you enter the shower from the sleeping area? What if your better half entices you to join her? do you have to go around?

What happens when it starts to leak?

What if your kids (grown or little) are with you?

Too many questions. They have to go.

The more I see it the more we may just visit.


One of the problems is that yes, there are blinds for the shower window, but they are on the outside! In other words, if you're there with buddies and they want to mess with you while you're taking a shower they can just raise the blinds on you. They need some sort of curtain on the inside too. It's kind of a dumb design, really.

The fact that there are blinds on the shower makes this practically a non-issue. Yes, your buddies can f'k around with you by opening the blinds. But in any other room they'd do the same thing by flinging the door open. Big whoop.

It would be hard to return to Cosmo and have a non-Terrace room next time. Still, at equivalent (or close) pricing, I'd take this room over a room at Aria in a heartbeat. If only for the Cosmo's vastly superior physical orientation.

If I ever stay in one of those rooms, I plan to torture my wife with indecency via the peekaboo shower. You know, ask her if the full moon woke her up, that kind of thing. It's one of the many things I loved about the rooms at M Resort, except that was a bath instead of a shower.

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