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Caesars Palace To Rebrand Centurian Tower As Nobu

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 7th March 2011 10:30am
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Nobu, Centurion Tower Caesars

Caesars Palace announced today that they are planning to convert the Centurion Tower into a boutique hotel using the Nobu restaurant brand as developed by world famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

All 180 rooms, 16 suites and penthouse will be redesigned by interior designer David Rockwell (the imp responsible for the 85% neato Chandelier and 85% cheesy hotel rooms at Cosmopolitan) and feature Nobu's signature Japanese style - hot towels at private check in entrance, sake bottles and tea service in the minibar and room service from the forthcoming Nobu restaurant at the tower base. Nightly floorshow entertainment will be provided by Ace Rothstein and The Ace Rothstein Dancers.

Nobu, Centurion Tower Caesars

Here's the B roll: Caution: Celine Dion.

I don't buy this for a second. There are so many wrongs here it is hard to make it a right... perfectly evidenced by the comments by one of the suits in the B roll that the idea didn't make sense to Caesars at first. It still doesn't. There is no reason to turn a Caesars Palace hotel tower into a tower named after a Chef/restaurant brand. The Nobu brand is not as pervasive or well respected as the epic, iconic name Caesars Palace, no way, no how. Somehow, the $uits at Cae$ar$ got talked into thi$... mo$t likely they were given an offer they couldn't refu$e.

What definitely doesn't change: The Centurion tower rooms are still puny and will now be even MORE overpriced with a layer of Rockwellian Japanese Ikeaisms.

What probably won't change: Asian high rollers will still rather stay at Bellagio or Wynn or Mandarin Oriental.

What did change: in addition to Caesars Palace's confusing mish mash of towers and room offerings, they've now started to mish mash and dilute the only thing that hotel has going for it - the supremely iconic Caesars Palace brand.

Welcome to the fall of Rome.

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Comments & Discussion:

This is really weird. I kind of expected this to happen at a few of their properties on the strip (Barbary Bills>Drai's) but thought they would focus on properties that are in greater need of an overhaul. This might have been cool over at Bally's (build new public spaces right up to the strip, close the old tower for now and turn the newer tower into a boutique hotel).. but just seems dumb at Caesars.

$$$$$ Talks.

The only thing Caesars had going for it as a "premier" property is its name and now they are messing with that. I'd like to see them use the Nobu money to spring some life into some of the other old towers, but that's about as likely as getting a comp from LV Sands.

I don't get it. BUT - The Ace Rothstein Dancers - YES!

Meanwhile, another tower sits vacant. Way to strategically invest CET.

...I guess if this proves successful, maybe Cheesecake Factory will move out of the Forum Shops and we'll be seeing the Roman tower re-branded into "The Cheesecake Factory Hotel and Casino".

Because we all know that hotel brands spawned off of semi-popular restaurant "destinations" are always moneymakers in Vegas. All the former owners and CEOs of HRH and PH will attest to that. Well the ones that haven't already committed suicide, that is.

Their second choice was to name it Joe Boo, as a tribute to the classic Charlie Sheen movie Major League.

I hope they expand upon this concept and rename the Imperial Palace to Qwik-E-Mart Microwave Burrito Hotel and Casino.

Are you sure Ace Rothstein isn't Robert DeNiro?

This will never compete with Hooters

Oh and one more thing, I hope the suites are different from each other. Like the Absolut Suite
Egg Fo Young Suite
Moo Goo Gai Pan Suite
Fried Rice Suite
Spring Roll Suite
I could go on for days.

Funny how you named all Chinese food dishes when Nobu is a Japanese seafood chef. LMK when you're done with the paint thinner.

Oh! Ha! I thought it was an upscale Chinese restaurant! Not Japanese. Oops! Sorry. Wow I'm an idiot. I don't like any Asian cuisine....that could explain some of it. WELL in that case, we'll do a
Shark Fin Soup Suite
Sushi Suite
Pufferfish Suite (the kind that will kill you if you eat the wrong part)

AND I don't huff paint thinner. I can afford better things than that!!

That demonstrates the massive popularity of Nobu when even some of us here don't even know what cuisine they serve.

"NO Nobu." Quote from Samari Warrior, John Bellucci.

How about the merging the Chicken Ranch with In-N-Out?
Or make IP the Lysol Palace? (Definite upgrade there.)
How about converting Bellagio to the "Olive Garden Casino with a big squirty Lake"
Maybe Caesars can just rename one of the clubs to Summers Eve.
I want royalties on these ideas if they take hold.

My meal at Nobu a year ago was bland and boring, now I can't even imagine going to a Nobu hotel. Blegh.

I read the lead and figured this had to be a misnomer spoof.

Boy this is a dumbass idea.

Now a Benihana Tower, that would be another story altogether!

Damn you and your objectivity.

@sandyastrog1ide My point exactly. (By the way, I'm just not much of a restaurant person, which is why I had no idea. I just assumed it was Asian fusion like everything else in this town)

Someone get that poor man some non-chef clothing. Didn't he know pictures were to be taken?

I get that it doesn't make sense, but thinking about it from the other side why not do it. The Centurion tower is a dump and if they can get some brand recognition redoing a portion of the hotel they really don't want to use anyway, why not do it? At worst it's a bad publicity stunt, and at best by the time the remodel is done, the Nobu name is dropped and they've upscaled crappy rooms.

Just my opinion on this, one of the things I think Caesars has to constantly guard against is sticking people with reservations higher then Roman rooms in those and the Centurion tower, nothing crushes a tourist who is looking forward to a 'tourist' high end experience or who has finally moved up the TR ladder and got a stay at Caesars, then to be dumped in a room that makes the IP look good.

@Rockchick "Are you sure Ace Rothstein isn't Robert DeNiro?" Yes!

At least guests are going to be able to use all the amenities and shopping at Ceasers and as a bonus they get a hot water maker,tea and some handiwipes.east meets west.

Jinx73 I hear ya. I can't fathom how CP gets away with charging so much for their dumpy "Classic" rooms. I'm pricing out a Sun-Thurs. trip with a small TR discount and a CP "Classic" is $164 per night, compared to $75 per night for a standard room at either Paris or Planet Hollywood. No comparison. Hell, for $164 per night you can get a Venetian suite which absolutely blows the older CP rooms out of the water.

197 rooms is pretty awesome. (why would caesars care about this few rooms?)

but encore tower is 267 rooms.


turn penthouse/roof/etc into hotel pool, and youd have a winner.

"Now a Benihana Tower, that would be another story altogether!"

That's something I could get behind...a telescoping (onion) volcano tower complete with an hourly smoke show a la Mirage.

Just so long as the rooms don't smell like fish, I'm okay with this.

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