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Guess Who The Best Blogger Not Named Steve Is?

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 4th March 2011 6:46pm
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So I just received word that the readers of local weekly newspaper Las Vegas CityLife have voted yours truly the Best Blogger* in their latest Best of The Valley poll (scroll down to the bottom.) The category, sans asterisk, translates to Best Blogger Not Named Steve (Sibelius) whom I believe is the recently departed editor of Las Vegas CityLife.

CityLife Award

As a knucklehead who spends a sizable percentage of time navigating the murky and often hazardous waters of facilitating readers poll awards, I've never had the pleasure of being on the other side of the fence, either as nominee or *gasp* a winner. The last time I personally won something - not counting the $450 I pocketed at the Golden Nugget two weeks ago - was in 1976 at a Cub Scout dinner raffle when I was the tender age of eight. The prize? A free perm at the local beauty parlor.

I am undeniably honored that the readers of Las Vegas CityLife find my contributions to VT's specific brand of infotainment - a hot fix of news and nonsense for ropers addicted to the Las Vegas tourist corridor - worthy of such a tightly contested honor. The trophy? Bragging rights over the incredibly well paid Robin Leach!

While the award specifically names some asshole named Chuckmonster as the recipient, I must share this award with the incredible team of folks who make up the VT posse including MikeE, JohnH, Blackjacker1979, MissMonkay, Dramman and Misnomer and... I know the band is trying to play me off the stage right now... most importantly YOU... the folks who read and participate on VegasTripping every day. Without your comments, board threads, anonymous tips, photos, rants, reviews and tirades we're about as useful as a Grazie card.

Thank you!

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Comments & Discussion:

Congratulations to Chuckmonster and the Vegas Tripping crew! Well-deserved.

So awesome!! Way to go Chuck! Well deserved and long overdue, if you ask me.

Congrats Chuck and team VT it's about time this site got some accolades.

Congrats XOXO!

"The prize? A free perm at the local beauty parlor."

Pictures or it didn't happen!

On a serious note, congratulations. Shared or not, it's well deserved.

More seriously, I want to see those pictures. :)

"A tourism site that even locals can love." To stand out in such a media-saturated environment like Las Vegas is a real feather in your cap. Well done! (Sure, it helps that Vegas is filled with like-minded wise-assed degenerates, but hey, give credit where credit's due!)

Good work, I think you also should have been voted best dressed!!

@michmark sadly there are no photos because i never got the perm. back in 78 i was a close cropped little man, a fact my mother literally pointed out when claiming our prize at the beauty parlor. jerks that they were, they wouldn't let my mom redeem the voucher for her voluminous head of hair either and we left the joint in a huff... probably one of only a handful of times i ever saw my mom lose her cool in public. sorry pal.

I was sure you meant not named Steve Freiss. :)

Your kidding, they really expected an 8 year old kid to get a perm. Even then comps never worked out.

Congratulations on the well-deserved honor. In celebration of your win, I'm offering to buy you a perm any time in the next 12 months.

You totally deserve this more than any non-Steve-named Blogger. Nice job.

Congratulations--very well deserved.

I am confused that your very gracious "acceptance post" above was completely free of self-aggrandizing blather about how you are tirelessly working to promote the economy of Southern Nevada through the power of social media. No promises to reward your "friends" who shower you in comps or punish your enemies. I thought that's how the game was played.

Seriously...they got this one absolutely right.

This is fantastic-- congratulations!

@fivehundy, will it be a home perm applied by you in a room at Flamingo?

congratulations, very well deserved!

Congrats! You have been my go-to guy for years, and you keep getting better.

That's pretty cool Chuck. You do have some good competition actually. Degenerates all, but clever and informative nonetheless.

Late to the congratulations party (Hey, someone had to celebrate in Vegas in honor of this.....), but congrats all around. As one of the long time participants here, VT has long been in my opinion, the Vegas site for the slightly warped. One thing that I think helps is that the site is not based out of Las Vegas and is on the fringes of the Vegas Vortex, but at the same time, has a few toes in the Vortex via some of people that are in the know within the Vortex.

While the site can be serious and pulls no punches with their reviews, at the same time, the site has the innate ability to poke fun at various sacred cows. VT is at times, the Mad Magazine of Vegas travel sites.....

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