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Grazie Times Nothing = No Grazie

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 4th March 2011 1:44pm
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As you've probably heard, the CEO/majority owner of Venetian & Palazzo, Sheldon Adelson, declared weeks ago that the company has cut out comps for all but their highest players... no free rooms, no free meals, no show tickets. Pleebs, low rollers and comp grinders will now get nothing and like it. We agree with most of what fellow Vegas Gangster and TWHT columnist Jeff Simpson says on this subject.

Exactly a week ago, a VT reader sent us a copy of a recent email he received from Grazie outlining their generous new comps mathematics and encouraging him to hit the slots even though he's a $150/hand rated blackjack and craps player with no slots history. Listeners to Five Hundy might find this familiar as Tim gave this exact similar letter a spankin' two weeks ago. We agree with most of what he said, particularly his analysis of the mathematics involved.

First off, let us clear up some of the semantic misconceptions in this email... specifically "Theoretical Win." Much like the Venetian and Palazzo's decor, the term 'theoretical win' is a complete and total lie wrapped in gold plated Italianate nonsense. Casino players do not have theoretical win, they have a theoretical loss a firm percentage figure based on what game types you are playing - slots or table games. This email is intended from the start to be deceptive, not only by misrepresenting the mathematics of casino comps to you, but by boasting that you - weeks after the CEO announces hard results on their elimination of casino comps - will be getting any form of comps what so ever.

Grazie Times Nothing

Yes folks... not only has Venetian | Palazzo eliminated your comps, they're lying to your face and using utterly fraudulent mathematics to sell you on how great their comp club is. How stupid do they think you are? Apparently, pretty stupid.

The good news is that if you play $150/hand and have a marker at the cage, they'll still throw some comp nights at you.

File this under fiction. Really bad fiction.

Big thanks to SK for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

No reason to visit V again. We'll boycott the restaurants too. Let the conventioneers pay his bills, not me.

Liz Benston had a good article on this a few days ago, leading with another horror story of a customer having a comped stay yanked off the board only days prior to arrival.


Look at that face and tell me Sheldon doesn't look like a greedy little piggy. Oink oink.

I've gambled at Venetian/Palazzo enough over the years to get free room offers in the past. From now on I'll gamble somewhere else - somewhere my money is appreciated. I downgraded my review of Venetian/Palazzo to one dice. I encourage all Vegas Trippers to do the same.

I thought the Venetian was okay and Palazzo was trying to hard to look cool. After reading this my trips to both properties will be to hit the Walgreens on the way back to wherever I stay and going to Madame Tussaud's if friends want to go.

What's a "theoretical win"? Do they randomly guess what people might win?

has anyone called them directly and asked them how they define "theoretical win"?

in other words, has anyone called them up to call them out?

Theoretical win is the Casino's hold and is essentially based upon 10% of your slot play, thus $15 on $2,500 of coin in equates to .6% divided by 10 equals 6%. Gold players get 1.5 points per dollar played so 2,500 points divided by 1.5 times 10 equals 9%. As Chuck says it is an outright lie. If there was a theoretical win to the players then the casinos would be out of business.

The old comps gave you $5 in cash or $10 in gift card if you didn't want the $15 in slot play. Apparently that is no longer offered.


I guess y'all don't read the forums here.

In any event, Grazie folks have lost it. After dropping some serious coin there, they sent the above letter, actually without the free rooms in my case. Since then they have sent many offers with rooms starting at $149 or whatever. With the same play, MGM is giving me suites and RFL/RFB. Guess where I will be spending my time. Not at a V/P or Sahara - LOL!

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