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The Price of Feedbag Just Went Up

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 4th March 2011 11:27am
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While you weren't looking, or were busy eating, or barfing... or reading the Editors Choice award for Worst Buffet in the Trippies 2010, the fine feathered folks over at Caesars Entertainment have upped the price of feedbag yet again.

Our dear friend Dr. Dave has all the details.

The question remains tho - will you pay $45 for 24 hour access to all of Caesars Entertainment properties buffets? And even if you agreed to pay that cash, how many buffets do you think you could stomach before exploding? Sounds like a challenge that deserves a trophy. Any takers?

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Depends on how much weed I smoked before said purchase of buffets. And how much I would have to continously smoke throughout the day to keep my munchie level up

I don't know but there are a bunch of yelpers who are going to try


Could be pretty interesting

It's tacky for Caesars to keep inching the price up like this.

Having said that, it's still a good deal for people who want to eat 3 buffets in a 24-hour period. I am not one of those people.

The problem with buffets is that most people pick on people who go to them by posting comments like 'strap on the feedbag'. $45, though not as good as the initial price of what was it? 29.99? is still a value and you don't have to 'strap on the feedbag' either to get value out of it.
Figure in 1 omelet, a side of bacon and toast, coffee and juice with tax/tip at many of the upscale cafes will run you $25. I can get the SAME thing at a buffet- ONE plate and leave. Then I can come back for lunch and enjoy the salad buffet with a soup. Then I can come back again for dinner and get ONE plate...perhaps a piece of prime rib, a side of potatoes, a vegetable or salad and maybe run back for a piece of cake.
HARDLY 'strapping on the feedbag' and yet I've enjoyed the buffet for THREE meals and not overstuffed myself.
Buffets don't HAVE to be a reason to shove 3 plates full of food and go back to your room for a nap with some tums. You can enjoy a buffet just like any other regular meal with ONE plate.
I won't be doing this all day buffet deal because we already have our meals planned out at various restaurants but I get why people will still do it for $45. It IS a good deal and you don't have to go into it stuffing yourself like crazy for 3 squares a day.

@asmit whats the fun in that? lol

Kirstie Alley must be in town.

My main issue is not the price, but rather the idea of standing in line each time waiting to eat essentially cafeteria quality fare.

I usually stay in Vegas for a week and during that week I hit one buffet (Spice Market or Rio) and never consider going to one after that. Three within a 24-hour period? I can knock some food down but that's setting yourself up for calling down to the front deak and asking for more toilet paper.

We are constantly aware that when we are playing we forget to eat. Usually it is a quick snack in the morning and a nice lunch and, unless we have made plans, we forget dinner.

I have two reasons to buffet, it is 2 for 1 (Planet Ho and M always has these) or it is free (we were comped two buffets at the Wynn last visit), and it is quick so I can get back on the floor.

We have never paid full price for a buffet.

So $45 is not a deal. And let's not forget, it is Caesar's, not Wynn, not M, not good.


Last time I was in Vegas we discussed doing the buffet of buffets thing, really, for shits and giggles. We ended up not doing it. I'm not going to have my day in Vegas defined by needing to be at three different Caesars buffet locations in a 24 hour period. I'm guessing the average buffet of buffet customer makes it to two buffets, if that.

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