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Man Jumps From Cosmopolitan

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 4th March 2011 4:06pm
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Various local news outlets are reporting that a 25 year old man jumped to his death from one of the terraces at Cosmopolitan onto Harmon Blvd. Conflicting reports place the ledge at the 6th or 14th floors, on the City Center side of Cosmopolitan.

More as this develops from RJ and LV Sun.

Update:: The Sun says he jumped from the 4th floor, which is essentially the top of the platform base where the pool decks are at about the height of the jockey club.

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Dang. Unfortunately, someone had to be the first one to do this.

Damn, that didn't take long. This is why most hotels don't have balconies in Vegas.

Well at least I can say I was IBTBL!!!! (in before the balcony lock)

What did I say!? The very first post when Cosmo opened was "How long before someone jumps" and "How long before furniture is thrown into the middle of Las Vegas Blvd?"

Obviously very sad, but it brings up a point...

Cosmopolitan's made a point of doing things differently from everyone else, from the no-nametags to the reservation system to the balconies.

Is it possible that everyone else does it the way they do for a reason?

It's not the fault of the Cosmopolitan or the balcony. People jump to their death all the time, the fact this happened on the strip needs no hyperbole about the dangers of mixing gambling and alcohol with an open balcony. A person who jumps from a building owns that action. My heart breaks for this guys family.

"James White, a Dallas resident who witnessed the suicide from his hotel room at the Aria, said the man jumped shortly after sunrise.

White said it appeared the man lost his balance, and tried to grab an edge as he fell."

Sad Story :/ Obviously in a town with gambling and alcohol, providing balconies runs this risk. Whether they gamble away all their money, or are just wasted and depressed, any open high area is dangerous. I was in the Luxor when a man jumped from Luxor's atrium. Sad stories, but thats life for you.


I always figured if someone really wanted to leap from their room, at let's say, The Bellagio, they could always throw a chair or TV thru the window and nose-dive into the fountain show. If you really want to do it, you can figure it out. I don't think balconies are any different. Guess it just makes it a little easier.

Bye, bye balconies. We hardly knew ya.

I was one of the early posters about impending jumpers- whether intentional, or during a drunken stupor, I knew these balconies were going to be a liability. Somebody else took the dive from an IP balcony just a month or so ago.

Lost his balance? He would have to be doing something incredibly risky to have lost his balance and fallen accidentally.

One would have to really work to get to the point of being able to jump off that balcony, so I would guess it was intentional.

I wonder how much money they are going to have to spend enclosing these balconies with protection glass? "Enclosed Sun-room Suite" just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Terrace Suite".

They're not going to close the balconies, without the balconies the Cosmo isn't anything special and they know it. For the most part nobody goes to Vegas, loses all their money then kills themselves because of it. People travel to Vegas with the intention of having 'one last blast' and then killing themselves. Throwing yourself off a balcony at the Cosmo is spectacular but far more people every year quietly off themselves in their rooms at Vegas hotels.

The owners of the Cosmo aren't stupid, they're insured for this you won't see any action taken by them (other then hushing it up in the media). They'll only take action if the Cosmo becomes some kind of 'suicide destination' like the Golden Gate bridge (although the bridge does very little to discourage jumpers..)

Oh yeah, and as for the 'lost balance' comment. Most people who jump from bridges or balconies and survive report that at the moment they jumped they realized they'd made a mistake and wanted to live so that's probably what happened in this case, he tried to grab on right after he jumped and didn't make it.

He did not jump from a balcony... he jumped from the pool deck located on the roof of the low rise portion of the building. If you look a the location of the towers realtive to the rest of the property, it is physically impossible to land on Harmon Ave if you jump from one of the hotel room terraces (you would actually land on the aforementioned pool deck). The pool deck is surrounded by a glass wall that is at least 6' high... to scale that requires determined intent which belies the "lost his balance" comments.

I miss the good old days, when suicidal people went to Las Vegas and had Elizabeth Shue screw them to death.

This is sad. I would assume this was a drunk accident....

Definitely not a "drunk accident". Here's a link to an article titled "N.J. man who jumped from Las Vegas casino resort is ruled as suicide" about the incident. According to the article:

"Las Vegas police Officer Barbara Morgan said Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas security officers summoned Las Vegas police a little before 4:45 a.m. Friday to a report that the man was on a fourth-floor ledge of the 51-story tower.
Despite efforts to talk the man down, he jumped a little before 6:30 a.m."

They tried to talk him down for 2 hours. Not an accident.


I meant the alcohol was probably involved

I know some of you have seen the balconies at Cosmopolitan...it's not easy to climb, impossie to balance, and too high to trip over. Lets be honest, it's easier to jump from a parking garage, PH pool or MiX at MB. The only reason this is news is because he took so damn long to end it, and everyone and thier mother has been waiting to say 'I told you so!'

Every warm weather city I've ever been to has balconies, not to mention other locales where gambling is legal. Cruise ships combine gambling, booze, and infinite bodies of water, but see what happens if they lock the balconies the next time someone goes overboard.

The only place that has taken the kneejerk reaction of locking balconies is Palms Place, after two suspicious falls last year. Of course, that didnt get much exposure, because Palms Slots Pay Lots!

didn't someone jump from the IP earlier in the year, or late last year? The balconies there are still open, if yer ballsy enough to stay in the rooms

Article in the Sun said he came out about 4:30 or 4:45 and then was out there two hours as they tried to talk him down. I left the resort about 3 or 3:30 that morning (thankfully), and for instances where we don't think it makes the news, I can tell you bartenders were talking about it the next morning as early as 8am at the Flamingo bar and about 10 at Paris.

Truly sad situation.

Damn, I didn't think the service was THAT bad there.

wow, am i the only one who doesn't feel sad, and just chalks it up to another person who wanted to commit suicide?

Sad news.

I arrived in Vegas Friday night and left Monday. I did not hear of this news while there. This is the first story I read regarding this. I read the Sunday LV Sun newspaper and nothing mentioned. but could have overlooked.

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