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Winn Las Vegas Sportsbook Posts Odds On Next Notable Resignation

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 3rd March 2011 6:16pm
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Winn Las Vegas bookmaker Johnny Avello* has posted odds to the big board for who the next notable resignation will be from within the walls of the international chocolate curve. Note: Odds are for Entertainment Purposes Only.

500-1 Matt Maddox - CFO, Wynn Resorts
250-1 Steve Wynn - CEO, Wynn Resorts
100-1 Marc Schorr - COO, Wynn Resorts
21-1 Jack Tenn - Manager, Table Games
15-1 G. Loveman - Le Reve's puppeteer
12-1 DeRuyter Butler, Architect
11-1 Guillermo Lopez - Craps Dealer
10-1 Roger Thomas, EVP Wynn Design & Development
5-1 Jerry Beale, VP of Wynn Design & Development
9:5 Rob Oseland, Chief Operating Officer, Encore
2-1 Mary Williams - Slot Machine Wiper Downer
3:2 Alex Stratta - Chef
EVEN Johnny Avello - Bookmaker

Fine Print: Wynn Resorts eStrategies spokesperson Jade Bailey-Assam asked us - via text message to Mike E, who text messaged me - to add a footnote that says that these odds weren't written by Wynn Las Vegas Sportsbookie Johnny Avello. In case there is any confusion, they were written by Winn Sportsbookie Johnny Avello, a satirical, invented personality with a similar name, created by the author of this piece.

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Comments & Discussion:

I believe Rob Oseland is already gone. Winn got rid of his job @ Encore and he decided to leave vs. find another one.

So you're saying to put a lot of money on Oseland...

Shouldn't the fine print be implemented in Comic Sans?

"Jade Assam"? Is the Winn hiring whining porn stars now? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AT THIS PROPERTY?

I must be getting old, can you make the fine print bigger, I think I may have missed the point of satire and sarcasm

Sometimes the sarcasm on this site confuses even those who are looking for it. What are the odd of Miss Winn Spiegel leaving?

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