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The Harmon Isn't Dead

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 1st March 2011 3:13pm
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CityCenter Land LLC has applied to trademark the name and logo (above) of THEHARMON HOTEL, no that is not a typo. No space between THE and HARMON. Perhaps we've had it wrong all along and the name is Theharmon Hotel spoken kinda like "Theramin". Wooooo.... ooooooeeeeeeeeewwwwwoooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwoooooo .

Either way, congratulations to our friends at CityCenter Land LLC - THEHARMON HOTEL LIVES!

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Comments & Discussion:

And also as of today their website is active and boast "coming soon". Check it out:


@rbg that site has been active for a while and hasn't changed. same old rendering of the 50 story tower.

I heard they will offer discounts on the higher floors, calling it "the ultimate gamblers package"...

Are they sampling or just plain ripping off Marvin Gaye's "T Plays It Cool"?

so they can pay to "fix" at least part of the building? no updates?

if it was even smaller than 400 rooms, that would be pretty cool.

Maybe Star Trek the Experience will be moved into it and together with the Vdara Death Ray we can launch an assault on the Borg across the street.

One of the selling points could be-'Book a top floor room, get a glass ceiling free of charge"

Will the top floor sway? Or just be bent?

This new mark was just filed on Feb 22, 2011. I'm not sure what to read into this filing. Honestly, I'm surprised they are still thinking of a hotel. I would have thought bar, nightclub, retail, and office space. There is also no mention of the Light group (as in the original TM filings). This filing could undercut MGM's lawsuit claims that the building is unusable; or it could mean they are trolling for new funding to demolish and rebuild.

"trolling for new funding to demolish and rebuild"

ah.. mid to long term.

Maybe Jimbo will put a theramin jam bar there:

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