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Know Your Nevada Laws

By Misnomer on Tuesday, 1st March 2011 11:36am
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Laws, rules, and regulations prescribe the governance necessary for an ordered society. Without them, our way of life would be impossible. But, while most of us are aware of the laws that affect our daily lives (speed limits, for example), we are not always familiar with more obscure proscriptions. Some laws are intended to regulate situations that very rarely occur. Others are vestiges of bygone eras. This article is a survey of a few of Nevada's weirdest, wackiest, and oddest laws.

A 110 year-old Nevada state law makes it illegal to fellate a horse while riding it.

A law on the books until 1932 made it a crime to shoot a man on Fremont Street, though it was perfectly legal to do so just one block over, on East Ogden Avenue.

Until 1952, gaming regulations required the use of two "Jokers" in the game of blackjack. Each Joker had a value of 22.

Occasionally, courts must step in to guide the enforcement of certain laws. Take the 1992 case of Rodriguez vs. Caesars Palace, for instance. In that case, a blind man entered Caesars Palace, accompanied by his guide dog. The man took a seat at a blackjack table, and attempted to place a wager. Caesars refused the bet, and ejected the man. The man sued, alleging that the casino had violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Nevada Supreme Court held in favor of Caesars Palace, finding no violation of the law had occurred, since the man's dog was a notorious card-counter.

Casinos are prohibited from serving alcoholic beverages to known alcoholics. This explains why you will never hear a casino server ask, "Are you, by chance, an alcoholic?" If you were to voluntarily offer to a server that you are an alcoholic, servers are trained to ask, "I'm sorry, but do I know you?" before walking away and retrieving your drink.

Interestingly, there are no laws, rules, or regulations governing the Big Six wheel game in a Nevada casino, since there is not a single known instance of it having ever been played.

Clark County Taxi Commission regulations provide that passengers have an absolute right to request a "no tunnel" route when taking a cab from the airport to the Strip. In the event that the cab driver ignores the passenger's request and takes the tunnel, passengers are required to file an incident report on TripAdvisor.com.

A Nevada Gaming Commission regulation requires casinos to have enough cash on hand to cover all bets, so that the plot of Ocean's Eleven will make sense.

According to AD&D rules, a Las Vegas magician will lose 10 XP for each "Wish Spell" he casts.

Recently, Vanity nightclub at Hard Rock Hotel was surprised to learn that it is illegal for club employees to sell cocaine to club patrons.

Regulations mandate that all casino seat cushions double as life preservers.

Clark County residents seeking to bury a body in the desert must first apply for a permit and pay a $50 application fee.

While topless shows have long been permitted in Las Vegas, the total number of visible nipples per show is capped at 63 2/3.

Beginning in 2012, casinos must replace all neon lighting with Energy Star-certified fluorescent bulbs.

By the strictest letter of the law, gambling is illegal in Las Vegas.

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Comments & Discussion:

AD&D reference=pure win.

the thing about ocean's trilogy that always got me was their infinite funding/spending.

at least on the TV show leverage, their first job got them a ton of money with no real outlay, and 2 of the characters had huge stashes of stolen art/antiquities/etc.

It'd be much better if they lost 10 HP instead of 10 XP.

What happens if they miss their saving roll? *is tempted to say something involving tigers, but that's just bad taste, even by this site's low enough to trip over them standards*

The "no tunnel" thing on TripAdvisor KILLS ME. I love reading about people telling their driver that. Of all the times I've been to Vegas and taken cabs, never once have I been tunneled and honestly didn't know the damn thing existed until I went on TripAdvisor.
I love the old women on that board with their scooters and $16/night rooms at the Four Queens.

Just discovered another old law (from around '75) that stats all exotic dancers MUST have a disco mitt that sticks outside of their bottom, or face a 10% of nightly earnings tax.

The one time I took a taxi from LAS to my hotel, I got tunneled and didn't realize it until we hit the tunnel. I knew about telling cab drivers to not take the tunnel, but in my haste to getting to my hotel, I didn't tell him "no tunnel". Typing this at 36,000 feet over Oklahoma on my to Vegas.

I have been "tunneled" more times than I care to count... can add $10 to a cab fare. Now I really try to remember to tell the cabbie exactly how I want them to get to the hotel.

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