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Hyde Lounge To Replace Fontana Lounge At Bellagio

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 1st March 2011 11:39am
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As has been widely rumored and reported in these pages, the Fontana Lounge at Bellagio is officially on the way out. In plans announced today by MGM Resorts International (owners of Bellagio) and SBE Entertainment (owners of Sahara and a slew of hotels/nightclubs/eateries in Los Angeles) will combine forces (i.e. SBE pays rent to MGM) to bring to you a brand new nightclub experience called Hyde Lounge (not Hyde Park as I posted earlier).

We've long been saying that the Fontana Lounge in its current duty as frumpy bar and overflow poker room was an incredible waste of square footage and welcomed its being repurposed into something fun, exciting and approachable.

Hyde Lounge, which aims to be the third nightclub at Bellagio, doesn't fit that description and will more than likely scrape the last well heeled barnacles of high end luxury players from the side of this slowly sinking Italian boat.

And then there's this issue of the name. Hyde (Park), last I checked, is located in London. Bellagio, last I checked, is modeled after Italy's Lake Como. Last I checked, those two locations have very little to do with each other, besides both being on planet Earth. Bank, Caramel, are innocuous names that mean what they mean... wealth, sticky sweetness... universal themes that would fit perfectly in any 'themed' resort. By evoking the name of a London park in the middle of a faux-Italianate dream is yet another stake in the eye of the storied history and theme of Bellagio.

The Mirageitization of Bellagio has now begun... I hope SBE's midas touch it works out better this time than it did at Sahara.

Score one for anonymous message board postings in getting this one absolutely right.

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Comments & Discussion:

On the LVRJ page they are referring to it as "Hyde Lounge Bellagio".. which, while better than "Hyde Park", still just doesn't fit. Here's hoping people just call it "Hyde" or they come up with something better.

"Sahara South" has a nice ring to it.

Here's hoping that the patio expansion overlooking the fountains is done right and we aren't left some Tangerine/Christian Audouchebag looking shit pile like we have at TI now.

.... I guess it's better than a club called "Eden Giardino" replacing the conservatory. My guess is that's what Steve and Andrea would have done if he still ran the joint.

Talk about delicious!

I'm guessing this has total relevance to the pussy collecting lounge called Hyde here in LA?

This is troubling. Here's hoping that they don't destroy what's left to love at Bellagio.

Hyde Park would've been a better name. There's a section of Boston called Hyde Park and people pronounce it Hyde Pahhhk - excellent!

Because a carbon copy clone of a chain club is exactly what Bellagio needs in order to get our collective attention. Swinging for the fences, aren't we, Jimbo?

With Bellagio's "hugging" shape, an expanded patio will likely result in more noise shooting straight up the tower until dawn breaks every morn. What the f is wrong with Murren?
After looking at the 2.5 minute video, I'm convinced I'd fit right in....not.

Maybe its part of their plan to combat The Cosmopolitan by exposing their terraces to club music all night long.

My first thought is "What about Jekyll?"

Oh mann. This ruined my whole WEEK... The Bellagio does not need ANOTHER nightclub. MGM is out of their minds and when this club opens, it will unfortunatly bring the Bellagio below Wynn, Encore, Venetian, Palazzo, Cosmo, City Center, etc...
Very very sad to see this happening. Any pros to this???

Hyde is a well-known douche hangout in LA where minor celebutards often congregate, but the really sad part is they have a modern dark-leather and wood decor. More MGM moderne design to ruin Bellagio.

I have yet to find ANYONE happy about this...WHY are they doing this? They are taking away a great lounge for those of us past our 20s. I'm tired of all these DB clubs popping up everywhere.

Arrivederci, Bellagio...

I think that claiming this is "the death of Bellagio" is a BIT of an exaggeration. I hate the douchebags too, and there's no way in hell I'd fit in at any of these nightclubs (and there's no way in hell I'd WANT to fit in at any of these nightclubs), but the presence of another nightclub won't somehow destroy everything.

I do concede though, the loss of Fontana Lounge is sad. It should have been renovated rather than replaced with YET ANOTHER club.

In many respects, the new focus on "nightlife-nightlife-nightlife" reminds me a lot of the overinvestment into condos on the strip.

Thank fuck Aria only has one nightclub, and much less douchebags.

Isn't the one in LA the place where the town's Lindsey Lohan's go to under-age drink?

Interesting thought, is this potentially fodder for anyone who gave money ro SBE to buy the Sahara, since SBE is now competing with its self?

This is fantastic news. I have always dreamed of staying at the Bellagio for

Apparently, I used a bad character. Let's try that again...

This is fantastic news. I have always dreamed of staying at the Bellagio for less than $90 per night and playing $5 craps on Saturday night on that beautiful casino floor. Maybe Le Cirque will top off the package with late night jumbo chili dogs.

Late night chili dogs at the Bellagio, I'd love to see that. The Bellagio is the ONE hotel that everytime I walk through it , I feel like I'm going to break something.

I forget where I read it, either LVRJ.com or lasvegassun.com, but it said that the renovations are going to include an improved patio overlooking the fountains.

How is that going to work if this is a "club," won't the loud pumping music of LMFAO overpower the wonderful sounds of Andre Bocelli during a fountain show? Or are they going to take the time to actually turn down the music each time, it wouldn't make sense if the new patio is just a hang out spot with no music other than the fountain show music, maybe they only mute it out there.

Maybe this will make Aria the sophisticated place in Vegas by default.

@Studio: I really like your idea that Vegas nightclubs are the new Vegas condos. Please, please let us have reached the downward trajectory of the LV nightclub era.

Well good for Bellagio, now I''l have somewhere to wear that Extra-Medium Ed Hardy shirt......oh, wait...I don't own one. Maybe a 30pack and a balcony suite at Cosmo will be the closest I get. It's been nice Bellagio.

@AndyA: It is already starting.
Palms will be the next one. Then, all this clubs will no longer be capable to reinvent themselves and we will see the end of this stupid trend.
Bring the real casino entertainment back to Vegas!!!

The LV Nightclub era will continue until something else becomes the main moneyspinner for resorts.

The crash took out gaming and condos, so clubbing became the next focus.

Clubs DO make a lot of money for a resort and I really don't have a problem with a club or two. But being a goth, I find most resort nightclubs don't come anywhere near to catering towards my tastes.

That said, I love cocktail lounges. Much more my thing than nightclubs.

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