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JetBlue Combats Rising Gas Prices For SoCal Residents

By MikeE on Saturday, 26th February 2011 4:28pm
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As gas creeps its way up towards and surpasses the $4 average for us southern Californians, the give or take 600-mile roundtrip on the I-15 to and from Vegas has become much, much costlier. Nevertheless, JetBlue is flying out of Long Beach for most weekdays for about as much as it costs to get tunneled by a cab from McCarran to Sahara. Yup, $29 each way if you book about a month in advance.

After taxes and fees, it still comes out to about $80 roundtrip which is pretty much the same it'll cost you in gas to get to Vegas and back in a fairly efficient car. But hey, for the solo traveler flying through Long Beach, you can literally park 45 minutes before your plane departs and still make it to the terminal with enough time to grab a beer before boarding begins.

And there's just nothing like getting your drink on along the way - a luxury you can't have while driving.

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I can only assume you:

a) just booked a trip
b) are currently in route

Both exciting in their own rights.

I got drunk on my way out there last week too!!!! had 6 free jack and cokes compliments of Southwest from Indy to Vegas!!

Now let's remember the reason why JetBlue is offering such fares. Allegiant Air, as their entry onto the LGB-LAS route triggered a bit of a fare war. Allegiant actually offers some $10.01 each way fares, and with the taxes and their $14.99 "convenience fee" for booking online (This fee is not charged if you buy your ticket at one of their airport ticket counters.), a round trip on some dates comes out to $56.41 (Provided you're not checking any bags [They charge to check bags, but it's hard to pin down an exact fee, but it's up to $34.99 if paid in advance.].). JetBlue doesn't depend on ancillary revenue like Allegiant does, so Allegiant can potentially make money on these flight even at $10.01 pp, as most folks aren't going to drive down to the airport to avoid a $14.99 "convenience fee" since they'd spend close to that (or more) to get to the airport and I doubt these cheap fares are available at the last minute.

Come on! You know I drive better when I'm drunk.

Don't forget to call ondarox and badmonkeyreturns for at least a drive by departure drink while you're here in "The Sticks" of Long Beach!

quote: "And there's just nothing like getting your drink on along the way - a luxury you can't have while driving."

just because you have a starbucks cup doesn't mean you have to have starbucks in it. j/k but MikeE is right. the price, luxury, and convenience of flying outweigh the all the pluses for driving. i would give up my middle nut to have a 3 hour drive to vegas again.

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