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Thanks Moammar!

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 25th February 2011 11:23am
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Looks like the rising gas prices resulting from the slew of revolutions in the middle east is causing some economic uneasiness here at home. How do we know? Bellagio has started discounting rooms and pushing out email offers!!

Take this recent offer from Bellagio - book by March 8 and get 10% off 30 days prior, 15% off 60 days prior and 20% over 60 days prior to check in. The reason why they do this is to lock in future guests when they forsee some softness at the further ends of the booking window.

For those who are looking to book for spring and summer, it might be smart to lock in your flights NOW before rates start skyrocketing because of rising fuel prices. Southwest and Travelocity have just posted some groovy Vegas flight offers and package deals. We've posted them here.

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Comments & Discussion:

I paid $3.28/gallon this morning here in the Boston area. Gas costs $.53/gallon in Bahrain right now!

There are still some spots here in Atlanta at $3.15/gal, but those places will probably be at $3.25 shortly (When the gas station at Wal-Mart is among the most expensive places, that's a sign that even the cheapest places will soon be at that price.) and I did see it for $3.35 and 3.40 at some spots today as well.

As for airfare, if the recent attempts to raise fares doesn't stick, look to see the return of the "fuel surcharge" on domestic flights. I also would not be surprised if the checked bag fees go up another $3-5 or more. One fee that might get some consideration is the carry-on bag fee. Currently, Spirit Airlines is the only airline that charges such a fee, and it's only a few dollars more than their checked bag fee if paid in advance. This fee is a bit controversial since it forces passengers to pay a fee to bring their luggage with them. I think that most airlines would start charging for anything onboard that isn't water before they'd charge a carry-on bag fee.

Just a quick dummy booking for a date I was looking at for the Fall (ATL-LAS on Delta 11/24 departure, 11/28 return) shows their cheapest RT fare being $435.40 (including taxes). I checked dates a week prior and a week later and the same story. I'm not able to compare fares on AirTran for those same dates, as they're currently not taking any bookings past 9/28. A dummy booking for a 9/20 departure, 9/28 return comes out to $425.40, $10 less than Delta. What's interesting is that Delta is actually promoting "upgrading" to a First Class seat, which after taxes, is over $1100. The thing is that while coach fares are going up domestically, it appears first class fares aren't (Delta's been charging over $1100 RT for a few years now.).

A quick look at my one-stop options, nothing was under $500 RT.

$4.37 a gallon (after all the liters to gallons, and CND to USD conversions) for regular gas here, $4.83 for premium. That's only up from $4.02 and $4.37 regular price. They are saying it shouldn't go up much more than that around here. I guess Canada (and especially Alberta) still has it's own oil and gas.

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