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Steve Wynn Is Dead

By JohnH on Friday, 25th February 2011 10:52am
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Steve Wynn is dead.*

I repeat, Steve Wynn, legendary casino magnate whose influence upon Las Vegas over the last 40 years only pales in comparison to the influence he will have over the next 400, is dead...at least for the hypothetical purpose of this article.

How could it have possibly happened? Was it Marilyn Winn with the 18th century Basque pipe in the former Alex space? Could it have been Andrea with that red-dyed banana rope in La Cave? Roger Thomas, with the olive and orange tassels in Encore Macau? Fingering the suspect will have to be left to the coroner. What is known is that Steve Wynn is dead, and for the first time in almost forty years, his company, Las Vegas, and the entire gaming industry is devoid of his guiding vision.

What happens now? Does Wynn Resort's stock price plummet like AAPL did after the announcement of Steve Jobs' medical leaves v1.0 and 2.0? Who takes over as CEO? Will Marilyn Winn and her Loveman inculcated posse rise like expired milk curdles to the top of the Wynn Resorts executive ladder or will the board of directors bring in former SW confidante and CityCenter CEO Bobby Baldwin, a man many believe is still the heir apparent of the Wynn throne? What happens at that point? Does the company that was once led by one of the visionaries to end all visionaries fall prey to the same fate as Harrah's (IRONY!), the Walt Disney Company (circa early 1980s), and in a future none of us even dare consider, the iconic and monolithic Apple? Do the calculator-carrying accountant vultures swoop in and further erode the brilliance and legacy of a resort and company imbued to its bones with the creative spirit of its founder?

So when the day finally comes that Steve Wynn steps aside, by death or proxy, what happens next? When a chicken has its arguably overgrown head cut off, what should happen to its bronze-clad body? These are the questions we must all ask ourselves, whether it be today, tomorrow or twenty years from now, it is only a matter of time.

Steve Wynn is dead. Long live The Steve.

(* Steve Wynn has neither died nor is he in the process of dying.)

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Comments & Discussion:

I would gladly finger all three of the aforementioned suspects.

Same finger?

Hmmm... I hadn't really thought about it.

One thing I do know, in the interest of effiency Ms. Winn is deserves two. Is that a Shocker? Almost.

Does not the former Mrs. Wynn still own a sizable share of the company? It seems she would have some say in the direction of the company.

only one name can assume the mantle of all things Wynnian:

Donald Trump

first order of business - resurface the Wynn and Encore in gold glass instead of bronze glass.

In death, a member of project mayhem has a name. His name, is Robert Paulson.

His name is Robert Paulson.

He's not in the process of dying? Steve's immortal?

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