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Sahara: Hosing Down The Hell Hole

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 25th February 2011 10:54am
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Back in October, VegasTripping was the first news outlet to break the news that the Sahara was a dirty hell hole. Our approach may be ham fisted, self-aggrandizing and occasionally half-funny but goddammit it works!



Way to go Sahara!

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If you're accustomed to the Imperial Palace Buffet, you could now eat off those stairs.

would that be a step up?

Impressive. Seriously. Next step: De-smoke, De-burn, and De-herpetize the carpets. Actually, itd probably be easier just to replace them all.

Actually, its probably easier to just replace the whole fucking place. Might toss that into the "suggestions" jar next time.

You are still taking your life into your hands riding the elevators in that garage. Forget jumping off the Strat. Just ride The Sahara parking garage elevators in the middle of summer as they creak and groan. Makes you think about if your affairs are in order.

If the best attribute of your casino/hotel is a six-pound burrito, your steps are guaranteed to look like that.

Actually, the best attribute is $1 blackjack, $1 hot dogs, and $1 (sorta Gimlet) shots.
And if you MUST take an elevator from the parking garage to floor level, I do not envy your physical shape.

The fact of the matter is that this Bush-made economy has destroyed the world. It is obviously going to hurt a low-end Vegas casino/hotel. They can do better obviously, but if bazillionaires can only leave metal skeletons to rust in the desert, then we can only expect the Sahara stairwell to look like shit and the casino/hotel to smell like smoke. Big deal.
We really want another Vegas icon to be brought to the ground, only to be replaced by...ground??

Much like the ugly concrete bunker of a shopping mall in downtown Philly, there's nothing about the current Sahara that a few dozen arsonists and 4,000 pounds of dynamite wouldn't improve. Just save the coaster.

why is this hotel still open?

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