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Las Vegas Quiz #1

By Misnomer on Monday, 14th February 2011 9:45am
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Think you know Las Vegas? Prove it! Take our Las Vegas Quiz. Eyes on your own paper!

A cabana at Encore Beach Club is a great place to blow

A) Off some steam
B) Your vacation budget
C) A bartender from New Jersey

This Sugar Factory store is filled with

A) Celebrity-endorsed candies
B) Couture lollipops
C) Suckers


At Mermaids, tourists can purchase

A) Deep fried Twinkies
B) Deep fried Oreos
C) Deep fried Prilosec

When this worker gets home tonight, he will

A) Enjoy a cold beer
B) Take a hot shower
C) Finally make some sense of the giant, neon 'IPPLES' on his bedroom wall

Shortly after this picture was taken, the crowd witnessed

A) A pirate battle
B) A siren's song
C) That bald guy with the beard totally eat a booger

Recently, Steve Wynn revealed that former Harrah's executive and new Wynn Las Vegas President Marilyn Winn Spiegel convinced him to 'repurpose' Alex restaurant into

A) Corporate meeting space
B) An exclusive events center
C) A Total Rewards Diamond Lounge

Many Las Vegas hotel beds are available

A) At the hotel's Home Store
B) Direct from the manufacturer
C) By the hour

Changes to Venetian's comp club will now require gamblers to have

A) A Grazie card and 1500 points for a buffet
B) A Grazie card and 5000 points for a room
C) A Grazie card and $4.95 for a cup of coffee

Encore's carpet

A) Was designed by Roger Thomas
B) Is milled in Italy
C) Matches the draperies

The Henry restaurant at Cosmopolitan is famous for its
A) French fries
B) Tater tots
C) Unwin rings

A winning spin on a slot machine is determined by

A) A series of gears and reels
B) A random number generator
C) Whether or not God likes you

The photographer who took this photo of Vdara

A) Appreciated the building's architecture
B) Used a wide-angle lens
C) Was burned to ashes by the Death Ray

Someday, this man would like to be

A) A corrections officer
B) An editor
C) Kissed

Special thanks to RateVegas.com for graciously sharing their photos.

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Comments & Discussion:

What are the odds that Sheldon's "no more comps" goes the way of the 6:5 blackjack? A short uptick in income leads everyone to think "This is the new way!" Then as everybody converts over to similar systems, it eventually kills the golden goose, drying up loyal return players who came in large part thanks to comps.

Please don't let this happen.

"Unwin Rings"...excellent. Thanks for the laugh on this dreary day.

'C' to all.

I am just thinking of they guy who collected a number of neon letters and was looking at "SIPLEP" and thinking "One of those days I am going get it together and do something with those."

"Whether or not God likes you"

Or whether or not the "other guy" likes you. (Doh!)

Funny stuff, misnomer!


At first glance, I thot the bald guy was Dr.Phil...... then I giggled cause I'm sure he eats boogers....

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