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Stuff Mac Found In Cosmopolitan's Weird Home Page Thingy

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 10th February 2011 7:31pm
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Cosmopolitan updated their website last night to include a new flash module, strangely reminiscent of the 'Million Dollar Homepage.' Each square opens up a panel with a little discovery of something about the Cosmopolitan.

Thousand points of light. Life is like a box of chocolates. Digging into the bag for a Plinko disc.

Our intrepid internet ferretteer, the one and only Mac78130 took the time to click on every single box and he brought back two items of interest.

The first is what appears to be a photo from the interior of one of Cosmopolitan's poolside bungalows, looking out on the Marquee adjacent pool deck. This is the first peek we've seen of the bungalow interiors. Check it:

Cosmopolitan Bungalow

We've heard that the retail price for one of these puppies is ~$40k per night. Yowza.

And the other is a photo of one of the penthouse suites. Check it:

Cosmopolitan Penthouse

Interesting... love the textures and patterns but the color scheme is frightful.

Thanks Mac!

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Comments & Discussion:

There's 230 pics! Click away!

Clearly, all the money was spent on suites one level above Wraparounds on up.

Looks like there is quite a few photos of the penthouse, spa, and bungalows.

Pardon my game show geekery... One does not draw a Plinko chip out of a bag. One has Plinko chips handed over by a lovely model. The game where one draws the chips out of a bag is 3 Strikes.

price is wrong!

Based on the ordering of the photos, I think the second photo is an upstairs loft bedroom in one of the bungalows. There are a whole series of penthouse photos showing the penthouse bedrooms (and match with a Youtube video tour of the penthouse). While the 40K pricetag is probably seriously inflated (and used for comping calculations rather than retail sales), these two-story poolside and outdoor concert/clubside bungalows are likely intended for VIPs and corporate sponsors (ie. companies sponsoring pool parties and concerts).

I like it. The pictures feature is quirky and fun - just like the Cosmo. Little hints popup like "Only 265 more photos to go". Just FYI I don't think $40K per day is realistic for any suite, much less the bungalows.

Every once in a while (a few days per year) the Palms will get a company to pay $40K so that they can throw a company party in the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa. Other than those very rare circumstances, they're just comped, and even the internal "comp rate" (that is reported on their taxes as a realistic value of what they could have received for the room) is far less than that. I can tell you for a fact the the comp rate on a 3 bedroom villa at Bellagio - there are only two of them and they are the largest in the entire hotel - has an internal comp rate of $8,000 per night, and they blow away anything the Cosmo has.

Why do you watermark photos that you stole from the Cosmo web site?

We normally don't watermark screen shots, this was done specifically to label each one as to what it represents should readers from the future find them without context.

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