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Cosmopolitan To Launch Mobile Site

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 9th February 2011 4:08pm
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The Cosmopolitan is on the verge of launching a new mobile targeted version of their Trippies Award Winning Website which will be located at m.cosmopolitanlasvegas.com.

They are currently browser sniffing for mobile user agents on CosmopolitanLasVegas.com and redirecting them to the pending mobile website automatically. As of right now, the website is under Apache lockdown until launch.

I'm actually a little surprised by this, since the Cosmo website worked great on any/all iDevices... clean standards compliant html, css, javascript, flash sniffing and fallbacks.

For those who like to surf the internet on the toilet - hell, who doesn't - might I remind you that we've got a somewhat usable barebones mobile version of VT located at m.vegastripping.com. I want my m.VT!

Thanks Mac99Luftbaloons for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Any news as to whether they'll be getting their Identity program connected to their web site? I tried, but the six-digit card number field won't take the eight-digit card number. The Identity folks told me two weeks ago that it might start working in March.

After four attempts to get my room charges e-mailed to me (success on attempt 4!), I'm fearing another slog to make sure that they've gotten the points for the room charges added correctly. They promised they'd be available three days after checkout, but I've got no way to verify that... until March, I suppose.

when did you stay? all of us who stayed on the first nights have had these problems... one would've hoped that by now - almost 2 months in - they would've gotten this stuff fixed.

i never got a folio, but i didn't try. i couldn't even check out via tv or phone so i just vacated. they did figure out how to charge me for stuff taht i took from the minibar.

if they can't produce a receipt, the you can't produce the payment... call your credit card company and contest the charges.

@travisl It took me a week or two, several emails to get my 'Identity' account activated on the Cosmo website. And to my surprise I have 'ZERO' points.. lame! My other half is still waiting to get his account activated.. 2 months and counting.

I was there on Sunday night, MLK weekend, in a wraparound terrace suite, with the $100 food and beverage credit offer. I also couldn't check out via TV, and the phone was (still) dead, so I checked out at the desk. It was really, really strange to me that the entire reservation, checkin, and checkout process generated no paper and only one line on the check-in iPad screen: "Room charge: $369.60". They were unable to print at check-out. (Attempt 1)

We'd discovered a half-drunk bottle of Coke, a half-empty bottle of salsa, and an unopened vegetable tray in the large minibar, and were concerned that the various weights of these items would show up as odd room charges. The coffee was also missing, as were any traces of cookware, silverware, or dinnerware, except for barware. (OK, there were keg cups and paper plates, but those seemed more like leftovers from the previous occupants.) It's nice they have a stove, but I'm not going to schlep pots and pans through McCarran. There was also an empty Dos Equis bottle on the table on the terrace, but ... whatever.

When I'd made reservations on December 15, their web site threw an error instead of a confirmation screen, but I'd called them and confirmed it went through. Thus, I had no idea if tax was included or not, and didn't expect to find out until the credit card charge came through. It did, for $378.68, which didn't clear up the tax issue -- $9.08 is far to small of a tax for a $350+ room. I phoned them up, and they said they'd e-mail the room charges to me. They didn't (attempt 2).

A week later, I e-mailed resortservices@cosmopolitanlasvegas.com, asking for room charge details. An hour later, they responded that they'd forwarded the request to their accounting department (attempt 3).

Another week passes. I e-mail Resort Services again, letting them know I hadn't received it yet. Finally, I received it about 90 minutes later. The total of $378.68 broke down as:
Room & $100 F&B credit: $330.00.
Tax: $39.60.
The Henry: $9.08.

For what it's worth, it looks like the F&B credit doesn't include tax or tip -- that's the $9.08. I ended up not using part of the credit due to bad planning on my part.

I don't have high hopes for their mobile site. I was impressed by Unwin's interview where he touted the benefits of not having legacy software to deal with, but it really feels to me like they're suffering the drawbacks of being early adopters running version 1.0 software.

The Cosmo website loads quite nicely on the CrackBerry as well, even with the craptacular BlackBerry Browser.

I stayed there January 24-26 in a 1-BR Terrace (Premium). Got a free upgrade from a Studio Terrace without asking, and had a mostly snafu-free stay.

I had a couple of large minibar charges ($25 and $43) show up on my folio on the second day. A quick call to the front desk got them removed. However, following that point, the folio display on the TV never worked again. It just displayed a "folio unavailable" message.

So I checked out in person at the front desk the next morning. By the time I got to McCarran, the folio was in my inbox.

My limited amount of Identity points are now also correctly showing up online as well. Maybe Cosmo just likes me. :)

Ugh some of the comments concern me, as do the tripadvisor reviews. I check in for my four night stay tomorrow, hoping everything goes smooth enough... I will be sure to report back and let everyone know.

ChiCell: Despite the customer service issues, I'd stay there again in a heartbeat. The property is just. that. cool. And the clientele, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, are just. that. hot.

Eventually, the left hand (front desk) will figure out what the right hand (housekeeping), left foot (marketing) and right foot (Identity) are doing. Until then, pack patience, and maybe a spare frying pan.

My experience was very similar to travisl and I would also stay there again.

Identitiy points are a complete mess right now as the website only shows the slot component. They are supposed to credit 10 points for each dollar spent on the room and 4 points for expenses charged to the room. If you book through a 3rd party, they supposedly credit you 1000 points/night. None of this is working correctly and despite signing up in December have not received a single offer.

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