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From The Mailbag: Favorites

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 8th February 2011 1:35pm
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Every so often, we like to dip into our mailbag and share a letter or two that some of you might find interesting. Today's letter comes from VT reader Tom, who asks:

Is it possible to favourite restaurants and shows, or just hotel / casinos? I have much more to say on restaurants.


Hi Tom,
Thank you for contacting us. This is a good questions and one I think requires input from the greater VT community. Right now, we have two different ways for people to input reviews/ratings to the website - via writing "reviews" on the individual property pages, and by rating and reviewing "favorites" in the MyVegas thingy. Favorites currently only consist of hotels/casinos only, no individual restaurants or shows are thrown into the favorites mix.

The questions I have for y'all are:
1) do you want to add restaurants/bars/nightlife to your favorites?

2) do you want to add shows to your favorites?

3) should we automatically incorporate all reviews into favorites?

While we're on the subject of favorites, now is probably a great time for y'all to get in there and upgrade your favorites... refresh your ratings, upgrade your reviews, add/remove favorites based on your recent experiences... all that good stuff.

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Comments & Discussion:

I do think that restaurants, shows, and maybe even bars/lounges ought to be included in one's favorites. I'm sure that for some of the favorites of some of our members, that favorite is more due to things like dining and shows as opposed to the rooms or the casino.

I like the idea of adding restaurants to favorites. He's right, some of us have a lot to say about restaurants; maybe not more than the resorts themselves, but still a lot of decent information. Also, maybe a way to sort all restaurants in a certain category (Steakhouses, Mexican, Oriental, Fast Food, Hangover Food etc.) by their ratings would be cool as well.

Tiffany at Olympic Gardens is my favorite!

Numbers 1 & 2 - It'd be a nice addition.
Number 3 - Meh?

You can add restaurants, shows and nightlife to your favourites now.95% I would think would be relevant added under most of the Hotel/casinos listed.Is there a word limit in the boxes under each Hotel? If so, concise and to the point would be ok for a profile.

I like option 3. Having all reviews for a person put under their favorites, really would give someone to read feedback on other things for people's reviews they find interesting.

In absence of option 3, I definitely think an option to list favorites of shows and restaurants would be beneficial.

If I choose option three, can I get it "Animal Style?"

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