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Cosmopolitan Gets Invaded By Celebutards

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 7th February 2011 12:34pm
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We knew it was only a matter of time before the bloodsucking vampires started showing up at Cosmopolitan's Marquee club - six weeks!

From Norm!:

At Marquee nightclub (Cosmopolitan) on Saturday: Paris and Nicky Hilton, with parents Kathy and Rick and brother Barron

Paris Hilton, check. Nicky Hilton, check. Lets see... who else shall we expect... Dave Navarro, Tommy Lee, Kevin Dubrow, Spencer Pratt and the rest of the Hills-billies, The Situation, Jwoww, Snookie, Pauly D et al., the guys and gals from Twilight, Fergie's penis, Ben 'Bugsy' Roethlisburgermeisterstein, "K___" Kardashian... how far down the list do we have to get before we can call it an infestation?

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Comments & Discussion:

As the new hotspot, some of this is inevitable. It will be interesting to see whether any of these celebutards are asked to host, or whether they are just checking out the property. They can't tell people not to come visit the property.

Aside: the Hilton's (Paris) recently expressed a desire to concentrate more on the hotel business. I wonder if there was more than a passing interest in their visit.

Bah, they were there with their parents. How uncool is that?

There isn't enuff penicillin in Vegas to clean up that mess

So much for Cosmo trying to be different in ways that matter.

Unfortunately there's a strong chance it will become Cali Douchebag Central if this trend continues.

The Hiltons must have felt like slum lords after visiting the Cosmo compared to the LV Hilton.About a year ago I was in the LV Hilton and it felt like it was sliding into the Sahara Zone.

Definitely don't want to be where Paris Hilton has been.

In the words of Q-Tip on Chapelles Show "It's the VD gaaaang."

At least Dave and Tommy do, on occasion, still Rock N' Roll. They Rock N' Roll pretty well actually. Saw them both in 2009. Great shows.

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