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Introducing The New Pocket Park at Aria

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 7th February 2011 12:08pm
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Barely one year after its grand opening, Aria sunk a grip of money into renovating CEO Jim Murren's favorite part of the property - The Pocket Park. This is part of the $5 million dollars they are spending to 'soften' the property by strategically placing shrubbery throughout the resort.


Pocket Park


Pocket Park


Thanks to VT reader Xtreme215 and Mac03187 for the tips!

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Comments & Discussion:

i like the before shot better.

They added some nice flowers, but they removed the trees? I'm not sure that's an improvement at all. Who's idea was this?

I think the flowers work better. The trees always seemed to sort of block the view of the building. (Just another way that seems MGM liked to cover it up). Plus they seemed forced in and in those aluminum containers for the trunks, just felt sort of weird to look at.

I think they realized the trees would continue to grow and with the violent wind gusts in that pocket they could have caused a problem (i.e. broken glass, roots cracking the concrete). It also provides more space for people to hang out in the park (seriously).

Trees + dust storm = broken glass = people stepping in it = lawsuits and demands of free nights stays.

I liked the before better...much more modern and clean. Those flowers just look busy...and oddly, like the giant Aria Mechabot holding a little bouquet of flowers...just wrong.

when we were there in June the trees were all dead or dying, i tweeted a photo but can't seem to find it

Should be called an Office Park.

Agreed that the "before" shot is better.

I'm sick of this silly obsession with bright neon colors and hot damn pink.

The original version was cleaner, more subdued and more modern. Far better.

Aria is having its distinctiveness stripped away just because some people don't like the fact it looks (shock, horror) different to other Las Vegas hotels.

Yes, I'm not the "normal" market with "normal" aesthetic tastes. But I liked it how it looked before. Clean, slick, urban, futuristic.

Now its being whored out and (almost appropriately) slathered in nasty hot pink in order to do so. My least favorite color. Not the silvers and purples and blues and browns and blacks of Aria. But HOT UGLY NASTY GIRLY PINK.

At the very, very least, pull out those pink flowers and replace them with purple or dark blue ones.

This renovation was an absolute waste of money.

It looks there are still trees there. You can see one in the top right corner of the new shot.

Flowers?? And here I was hoping for a Sunglass Hut and walk-up bar!

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