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Set Your Netflix to Vegas Overload

By JohnH on Monday, 7th February 2011 9:34am
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We here at VT love Netflix. No, not the snail mail, "I'll gladly give you a DVD tomorrow if you send me your previous DVD today" Netflix. We love streaming Netflix. Yes, many an hour have been collectively spent watching "Exit Through the Gift Shop" or countless episodes of "The Office" and it's still-funny-but-not-as-funny spin-off "Parks and Recreation" on the Netflix.

However, every so often something surprising and new is brought to our attention via the algorithmic matrices of the Netflix joo-jo magic. Surprises that more often than not relate directly or indirectly to Las Vegas. Maybe it's an obscure episode of "Vega$" (not yet streaming) or an ever more obscure episode of "Las Vegas" (yeah, that's not streaming either). These things always tend to pop-up on our strategically- placed iPad radar app and we always strive to pass them on to you.

Well, it just so happens that we've got quite a few Netflix streaming developments to tell you about today. Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen, for both "Casino" and "Leaving Las Vegas" are now streaming on the Netflix. Yes, whether you want to fall in love with the excesses of 1970s Las Vegas all over again - take fellow VT contributor Mike E's advice and just watch the first hour and a half - or become absolutely freaking depressed with the city we love despite all of it's foibles - watch the rest of "Casino" and all of "Leaving Las Vegas" - they're both there, awash in all of their Vegas glory.

And we should never forget the granddaddy of all over-glamorized, factually shady Las Vegas origin stories: "Bugsy." Yes, even the story that kind of forgets that Billy Wilkerson originally crafted the Flamingo as his brainchild is up there. Combine that with "Casino" and "Leaving Las Vegas," and my Netflix phaser has officially been set to stunned.

Also, too, "Sour Grapes." Yeah, it's only set in Atlantic City, is incredibly obscure, and was written and directed by Larry David during that weird period of his career between "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm," but it's still related to gambling and absolute depravity in one form or another. Fringe benefit: you do get to see just how gaudy Trump Taj Mahal was during the '90s.

So, grab your iPad, place it in a strategic manner, grab your complimentary bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue, and start streaming from the Netflix, everybody. I mean, really, these meditations on all things Las Vegas/Atlantic City/mob influence/substance abuse aren't going to be up there forever. Or will they?

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You forgot a few that are available for streaming:

Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas
Ocean's Eleven (The Original BTW)
Midnight Run

I really wish both seasons of Crime Story was available for streaming, Vegas World features prominently in that series. Some of the elements of the series were based on the real life events later covered by Casino, as by then Tony Spilotro was dead.

I still want to know how long I have to wait for Vegas Vacation though. One other one that was streaming about three weeks ago, Saint John of Las Vegas and at one point 3000 miles to Graceland if you want to see the Riviera shot up.

Welcome to the Gift Shop is one of my new favorite documentaries. Banksy is incredible.

Oh, and I agree with you on the Vegas stuff too.

Obviously meant "Exit through" and not "Welcome to." Had a bit of a moment there.

Just came across "Hard Eight" with John C. Reilly too on Netflix instant, with Vegas as a backdrop.

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