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Social Rewards at Cosmopolitan's Marquee

By MikeE on Saturday, 5th February 2011 2:42pm
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"Like" us this. "Hashtag" that. You might even win something if you kiss our asses enough.

It's not very often that you come across a legitimate social networking shtick worth participating in. More often than not, you're fighting against thousands of followers retweeting and hashtagging to a point where so much as having a chance of winning means that it'll cost you all your social cred as you subject your friends and followers to more white noise than the twitter twerps.

Regardless, one drunken night a couple months ago on some social stream of some form or another (it might have even been an old skool e-mail) Marquee nightclub at Cosmopolitan sent out a clear-cut offer: be one of the first 500 to "like" us on Facebook and we'll send you a "Q" card. I had no idea what was what. Again, I was drunk. I mean, it must've been in November sometime when the Facebook offer came and I certainly wasn't expecting the sensory orgy that the place would live up to. I gave them a "like" and even gave them my mailing address with doubts that anything they offer would actually come to fruition.

Cosmo opened, I saw the space, I experienced the club before and during a soft opening, and I fell in love. About a week later, this arrived in my mailbox. In the days of predictable MGM and Caesars offers arriving via ever-decreasing snail mail, opening this envelope was pure unboxing porn.

Fookin' sweet.

Marquee Q Card

Yes, here was Marquee's "Q" card. It means complimentary admission for myself and a guest for the entirety of 2011. It's something tangible, something truly exclusive with real benefits presented in a social networking scheme actually worth participating in. To say the least, it was refreshing to see.

Nice work, Marquee. Hopefully we'll see more of this kind of social engagement in 2012.

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i too have a very similar story. i had been drinking ever so slightly when i saw the same thing to like marquee and give them your address and if you are one of the first 500 then you will get the mystical "Q card" I got mine in the mail early January and was shocked. im with you in hoping that the cosmopolitan continues to do things like this as it will surely keep me as a loyal patron.

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