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For Those About To Rock, Hire A Lawyer

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 2nd February 2011 6:36pm
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In response to our celebratory induction of Five Hundy into the Trippies Hall of Fame, AC/DC's lawyer goons decided to spend some of that retainer money by sending us a somewhat amusing nastygram that implores us to remove the offending stuff from our website.


Added bonus: the lawyers' last name is Rothstein.

AC DC logo nastygram

Thats ok, we like Iron Maiden a helluva lot more.

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Comments & Discussion:

I suppose T-shirts are out of the question, then?

Wow, Lenny Kravitz was right, Rock and Roll is dead.

What are the chances/odds any of their people would have even seen this? I realize VT is one of the top hit websites in the world. But I have to wonder how this was even brought to their attention?

Obviously not awesome but at the same time, at least the lawyer is kinda saying that he wishes he didn't have to write the letter.

To answer Brian's question, I have no idea... Could have been just dumb luck.

That said though, some of these trademark firms have started to use software that can identify these sorts of things, for later human evaluation. No clue if that was part of this equation but it's becoming more common.

I'd say the guy is surprisingly polite and understanding. I believe they're legally obligated to protect their trademark rights if they find them in violation, but at least the guy appreciates the way you used it and is not being a dick about it.

What kind of lawyer misspells "lightning"?

^What you don't understand is that the bolt's intended purpose, per U.S. Trademark Reg. 2,975,389,201,392 is in fact, to lighten. Hence the song's original title: "For Those About to Rock (We Dilute You.)"

Wouldn't the logo in the article be considered parody? And if so, wouldn't Hustler vs. Falwell 1988 take care of that?

Nothing wrong with using the lighting bolt. It's parody or, err, just a lightning bolt.

Using the song -- well -- you have a problem there.

I think that writing an official letter to a guy named "Chuck Monster" who runs a Vegas website was probably the high point of the guy's day. He seems pretty cool about it.

On the downside, you've probably now cost AC/DC more in legal fees than you've spent on albums, concerts, and licensed gear over the past 3 decades.

This actually is the most polite C & D letter I've seen; some folks from the Wynn Resorts legal department could learn a thing or two from this C & D letter. Well at least they weren't all Lars Ulrich about it......

"...perhaps the most widely recognized logo in the music industry..."

Nothing like a little rock and roll modesty.

Sandy: The answer is "a rich one." You are right that he was 1 for 2 on spelling "lightning" correctly. That being said, it appears to have been his paralegal or legal secretary that wrote the letter. You can tell by the "CPR/jc".

dude. ACDC was flattered! :D

certainly not bad for a lawyer.

nothing will ever beat this though >

Good thing you didnt play around with KISS' lightning bolt S logo- I bet Gene has lawyers with scarier names than CHESTER

OK, lets find a replacement parody ( please VT readers, help me ) I guess we need to stick to " performers " that probably can't afford a lawyer......a few come to mind...
Milli Vanill- " Ba ba ba baba Baby, ... dont forget my Trippie "
Motley Crue-{ I hate to make fun but c'mon Bret } " Tripstart my Heart"
And although I'm sure she could afford flesh eating lawyers, Taylor Swift would probably be happy to write a song just for VT about " a boy she likes but he doesnt notice her because he is too busy voting on the Trippies "

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