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Cosmopolitan Penthouse Suite YouTubed

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 31st January 2011 4:11pm
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You Tube

A tour of one of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' 70th floor Penthouse Suites has been posted to the YouTube. Unfortunately "embedding has been disabled by request" so you will have to jump to The YouTube to view it.

Bidet, hammock, pool table, luxe kitchen, jacuzzi tub with water falling out of the ceiling, a shower that fits 10-15 people, and a great view of the "Aría" Pretty awesome.

Thanks to VT reader C.H. for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Nice! Looks wonderful for entertaining and parties.

No wonder Robin Leach is pissed at them.

This HAS to be a villa equivalent. Amazing.

The hammock is what did it for me. If I had that room, I'd put the hammock on the balcony and sleep out there.

ShizzleVideos?? I wonder if that's a subsidiary of Skybunny Productions?


ShizzleVideos shoudl upgrade their camera. 720p or bust!

ShizzleVideo should probably stop being such a mouth breather...maybe he'll actually go places in life....

The guy-guy part of me says that room is decorated with dirty sex in mind.

That camera was so shaky I expected teenagers to die.

I wonder how many of those penthouses they have? This one was 3 bedrooms and probably occupied almost half a floor in the east tower. My understanding is these are only for high-rollers and not available to the general public. I really like the water trace through the bar top. The food in the fridge looks catered - not room service or doggie bag. I counted at least 7 TVs.

Check out that view of Uhh-Rhea!

Very impressive. I cant wait for the room to be used in Hangover 3.

I love that he nails the pronunciation of "Aria" the way Christopher and I have since Grand Opening with you guys... as in "diarrhea"

very cool, except for one thing. wonder how much if bookable.

38 - 2745+390ft2 - west end upper suites
24 - 3660+890ft2 - suites

video says 70th floor. link says 75th was highest in east tower.

screencap of view from balcony to west tower

the one thing - faux fur. there is no way its real is there? faux is incredibly lame, and totally against their branding/image.

and those numbers may be inflated >

1. there are some condo owners
2. they originally said that 19 rooms would be opening after july 2011

the splooge-cleanup towels in the theatre room were a nice touch.

i think theyre throws? since the seats recline.

I wonder if the bar water feature dumps into what would be maybe an ice bin and recirculates,cool whatever it does.Excuse me, for some reason I need some nasal spray.

Tonight, I will dream of laying in that hammock, naked.

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