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Sayonara Fontana Lounge At Bellagio

By Blackjacker1979 on Monday, 31st January 2011 1:00am
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Fresh on the heels of a Twitter mention by the Admiral, some digging has revealed that the much-loved yet oft-closed Fontana Bar at Bellagio will say its final goodbye sometime around the end of April.

A post on EverythingLV by user jr7110, a good friend of the lounge's main live performer Dian Diaz, reveals that the hotel and the performer have ended their ties, and that the hotel plans to convert the space into an ultra-lounge venue. Dian reveals to her friend that she will be ending her performances at the hotel in late April, which would tie in neatly with the venue closing for good in its current state. Although there is no confirmation from either MGM or Bellagio at this time, this would most likely mean the lounge would close in the late Spring for renovations.

This news comes as some surprise, but not that much... those who tuned into the Trippies 2010 webcast three weeks ago will surely remember a very long discussion we had about why the Fontana lounge was ripe for renovation. The gist was that everyone would like to see the space used more suitably than as an aging occasional music lounge and part time poker room. While the space and its patio are a gorgeous place to hang out, it always felt as if there is something more that could be done to make the space enticing and open, even with its fantastic decor and architecture.

Could this be the kickoff of Bellagio's major 2011 renovation plan?

One things for sure. Here's hoping that it's not Christian Audigier, Part Deux.

Thanks Admiral!

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Comments & Discussion:

Yeah, because the strip really needs another Ultra Lounge. I second the fact that the Fontana Lounge needs a revamp but is an Ultra Lounge really the way to go???

MGM has never figured out what to do with Fontana, using it as a poker room, high roller slot tournament area and when all else failed, closed it at times. But, an Ultra-Lounge???

Once again, MGM is trying to play catch-up with what may be an ill-conceived plan. The Bank is probably more sedate than other clubs, and it is away from the casino and hotel tower. Will the new Fontana spill out over the patio with 150 decibel level music(?) climbing the concave hotel tower to be enjoyed by sleeping guests at 3 AM?

Steve Wynn and Maloof have shown they understand clubs and Ultra-Lounges. I'm not sure MGM does, based on its current stable of venues.

This could change and diminish the unique position of Bellagio forever.

Old Curmudgeon

@detroit take a big look at minton's avatar.

Here it comes: Douchebaggio, where the g's are soft and the abs are hard.

It's a shame, but I guess the traditional Vegas casino lounge is slowly fading away.

When we were having drinks there a week ago the bartender told us that the lounge was not run by the hotel anymore so it sounds like they may have leased it to someone.

The sound issue is important. Let's not forget what is directly above Fontana - the villas.

I remember reading that the space that is now The Bank was originally dreamed up as a monorail station for a line that would have linked Bellagio to Mirage and TI. Caesars never got on board and thus Mirage Resorts never built it. The reason I mention it is that supposedly that part of the building has an extra layer of sound-proofing and that's one of the reasons you don't hear constant complaining about club noise in the rooms at Bellagio like you do at Wynncore.

I am expecting the worst from MGM on this. Whatever changes they make, the balcony should be available during the day. They are probably looking at doing something like Blush, but IMO they would be better off with something like the Eastside lounge (Encore) or Parasol Down (Wynn's balls).

Who knows. There have been rumors about the Fontana closing before. Maybe MGM will forget about it and and focus on City Center as usual but if they do close Fontana, that would be a pretty stupid move and a waste of money considering how the standard rooms haven't even been renovated yet (cough-cough tube tvs circa 1998).

Blech. Another ultralounge? The Fontana bar may have been dated, but where else could you amble in (with no cover) to hear (often) great live jazz, non-obscenely priced drinks, a large comfortable room - and as an added bonus - a balcony with the single best view of the fountain show. This room was one of Vegas's best hidden-in-plain-sight secrets. I'm supposed to be happy it's going to turn into Blush?

I can absolutely believe that it wasn't performing on a ROI basis, and that a lounge would surely do better. It is primo square footage after all. But I just can't get on board with the Fontana haters. This is a great room.


If they don't go for a Parasol Down feel, then I hope they at least go for a eyeCandy feel. Something unpretentious and not overly douchebaggy. Thank God we still have the Petrossian Bar.

If they renovate the whole place and eff up the Sports Book in the process...I will cry real tears.

This is sad news...the Fontana was unique and when it was open with live music playing in it (especially back in the Jimmy Hopper days), I would always visit the Bellagio just to have a drink there and enjoy the ambience. Another club opening there will be such a disappointment to those of us over 25...sigh.

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