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MGM PR Rewrites Jim Murren's Wikipedia Entry

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 26th January 2011 5:40am
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It is a popular thing to bash Wikipedia. It is often unreliable, contains strangely sourced information and when accurate isn't always thorough. While searching for MGM CEO Jim Murren's birthday (we're gonna send him a card) I noticed that the entry for Mr. Murren read like a corporate handjob. The inclusion of a very recent looking, straight from the investor brochure photograph raised even more questions about the dubious nature of this entry.

Wiki Murren

A quick scan of sourcing for the photo, revealed that it, and the entire Jim Murren Wikipedia entry had been completely rewritten by Wikipedia user Yhoo01 who is self described as a "social media manager at MGM Resorts International." The entire article was completely rewritten and revised 7 times by Yhoo01 starting on January 18th, 2011, days after the big M life push and MGM's pricing of $2B in City Center investments. The IP address attached to the last user who edited the account resolves to a Mirage Resorts hostname.

Time to play "count the snowjobs." To the left is the last version Murren's wikipedia entry before MGM got their hands on it, the right column is what it was replaced with.

Wiki Murren

The good thing about wikipedia is that WE can edit those entries too. Whose game?

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Comments & Discussion:

Great work, Mr. Monster! I especially liked the modesty of the biography:

"Jim Murren became Chairman and CEO of MGM Mirage in 2008, just as the global financial crisis approached its crescendo. In the face of monumental challenges, he stabilized the company by rallying its 50,000 employees and leading a $3.8 billion financing effort that pulled MGM MIRAGE back from the brink."
"America’s number one generator of new jobs during the Great Recession."

Crescendo, Monumental Challenges, stabilized the company, Back from the Brink, Great Recession.

I hope the PR guy is avaiable to write my obituary when the time comes (in the distant future.)

Whilst I'm not a member of the "BURN MURREN AT THE STAKE" crowd, I agree that the PR-revised article is absolutely licking Murren's ass to the point where Jimmy can probably feel the social manager's tongue prodding his retinas (apologies if this metaphor is a bit too coarse).

The original version was factual and impartial. The PR-revised version is advertising garbage.

If MGM think that this act of Wiki-advertising is going to generate positive public relations, then their PR people should be fired.

cant you just report to wikipedia? isnt a TOS violation?

It's been cleaned up -- by me and others -- quite a bit in the last few hours. There's no point in reporting it to Wikipedia when we can just fix it ourselves.

I guess Baghdad Bob now works for MGM Resorts? Or did they hire someone from Kim Jong-Il's crew?

the idea behind reporting being i dont know, blocking MGM IP addresses, etc. makes them have to jump through hoops first.

They missed the part about building a 2 billion dollar resort for the low, low price of 9 billion dollars.

MGM needs a new Social Media Manager.

I like how it is now official MGM dogma that the company was "on the brink." You rarely see a company acquiesce to it's own failures like that.

I mean, they were doing it all last year as part of their Handjobs for Harry [Reid] events, but now that the scary election has come and gone it's a weird thing to note in your corporate bio that the company was very nearly ruined. Especially if you've been involved in that company for over a decade.

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