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M life Tiered Benefits Explained

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 26th January 2011 3:10am
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One of the most interesting features of the new M life Players Club rewards program from MGM Resorts International is the introduction of tiered benefits. Previously, MGM Mirage had a one card fits all program that didn't provide that aspirational oomph that differently colored pieces of plastic has. Let's face it, we all feel a sense of achievement when we level up - make it from 2nd to 3rd base, get promoted from fries to grill, or wasting a coupla years on a World of Warcraft quest to find you've leveled up into being single.

Along with the aspirational aspect of having tiers comes the inevitable moment of wherein you and your crew members' individual M life virility devolves into a comp measuring contest.

"Bill, I can see that you're a Pearl, do you need me to float you a little cash?" Yea, what a tale of woe it tis, when tiers cause tears. Rest assured, Bill, that with enough dedication you too can grow your card size, chemical enhancement optional! So when your buddy tells you that their cousin's friend's Uncle has a big black NOIR card, you have our permission to call bullshit. The NOIR level is by invitation only and there are only 800 people in the club... the überwhales.

So what is with this "tiered benefits" thing anyways? Is it anything like friends with benefits? In some ways, yes it is. Take Bill for example. Bill, is your friend, he likes you! But you're not Bill's friend because he has anger issues and never pays his portion of the bill - funny how names work like that. In a nutshell, Bill has attained a tier of selfish asshole. Because of this, Bill only gets invited over for poker night when you invite Bill's brother Chris, who you like a little bit more than Bill.

Chris you don't know at all, in fact you don't really know anything about him other than he's not as much of a selfish asshole as Bill. What you really really like about Chris is his girlfriend Tootie. In fact, you like Tootie so much and she likes you so much that she came over last Tuesday evening when your wife was at Pilates class and waxed your Buick with a diaper.

No matter how much you like Tootie, she's definitely going to get bumped from her occasional overnight at your house because your wife has the NOIR card and gets complete and total priority booking. NOIR is the boss, for evidence go here and read the comment posted by VT reader "Spookiekins", a Beau Rivage employee.

Therein, explains M life's tiered benefits. Different levels of action result in different levels of reaction.

If Tootie stops polishing the Buick, she's only coming over for poker night. If Bill and Chris don't get their act together, they won't get invited anywhere even if they offer to re-chrome your bumpers.

Here they are, M life's tiered benefit offerings for Las Vegas Casinos:

Sapphire Pearl Gold Platinum Noir
Tier Credits 0 25k 75k 200k Invite
12 World Class Resort Casinos Offering Unique Experiences X X X X X
Ability to Room Charge From Any Other MGM Resorts Property X X X X X
Dedicated Reservation Lines X X X X X
Earn Express Comps X X X X
Convert Points to Express Comps X X X X X
Accelerated Point Earning X X X
Accelerated Express Comps Earning X X
Invitations To Members-Only Events and Tournaments X X X X
Earn Holiday Gift Shoppe Points X X X X X
Room Discounts or Comps X X X X X
Best Room Rate Guarantee X X X X X
Room Upgrade (subject to availability) X X X
Priority Check-in Line & Priority Early Check-in/Late Check-out X X X
Priority Access To Pool Cabanas and Bungalows X X
Guaranteed Hotel Reservations X X X X X
10% Discount at Participating Retail Shops X
15% Discount at Participating Retail Shops X X
Buffet Line Pass X X X X
Coffee Shop Line Pass X X X
Casual Dining Priority Reservations X X X X
Fine Dining Priority Reservations X X X
Guaranteed Dining Reservations X
Pre-sale Ticket Access To Concerts/Fights X X X X X
Exclusive Seating at Arena Events X X X X
Show Seating Upgrade X X X X
Discount to Select MGM Resorts Shows X X X X X
Special Access to Nightclubs and Pool Day Clubs for You and A Guest X X X
Guaranteed Show Reservations X
Rental Car Discount (at on property rental counters) X X X X X
Complimentary Limousine Service X
'Next Up' Valet Service X
Crystals Concierge Service X X
Bellagio: Complimentary Access to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art X X
Bellagio: Access to the Bellagio Fountains Brunch X X
Bellagio: Invitations to Bellagio Epicurean Events X X
MGM Grand: Access To Race and Sports Book Skyboxes X X
Mandalay Bay: Membership Privileges at the House of Blues Foundation Room X X
Mandalay Bay: Early entry into Mandalay Beach (seasonally) X X
Mandalay Bay: Complimentary Access to Shark Reef Aquarium X X
Mirage: Complimentary Access to Sigfried and Roy's Secret Garden X X
Monte Carlo: 'Next Up' Valet Service X X
NYNY: 'Next Up' Valet Service X X
Luxor: 'Next Up' Valet Service X X
Excalibur: 'Next Up' Valet Service X X

"12 World Class Resort Casinos Offering Unique Experiences" - marketing hogwash
"Ability to Room Charge From Any Other MGM Resorts Property" - you can do this anyway.
"Dedicated Reservation Lines" - phone lines? check in?
"Earn Express Comps" - see also
"Best Room Rate Guarantee" - you get this anyway.
"Priority Check-in Line & Priority Early Check-in/Late Check-out" - priority does not mean complimentary, they will charge a fee to your point balance.
"Casual Dining Priority Reservations" - is it that hard to get casual dining entry?
"Excalibur: 'Next Up' Valet Service" etc. - aimed to get you the F out of that property and back to their target joints - Mirage and up.
See also the comment posted by Beau Rivage employee "Spookiekins" (scroll down to the end) about meeting a NOIR card holder.

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Comments & Discussion:

Haha, take that Noir, you don't earn express comps in the same way as us peasants!

MGM has had some tiering previously, Luxor had an MVP program and while a friend of mine didn't talk about it, he had a card that I saw him flashing on occasion to get priority access at times.

I will say if they wanted to make a splash with their program, they missed the mark for anyone even vaguely familiar with Total Rewards. MGM seems to have a mindset that this 'new' offering is going to drive their players club, when at best it still suffers from the same issues the players club did in that they don't seem to be able to calculate spend effectively or identify what they want to 'give' the players. Take the fact that tier points are earned at different rates depending on the resort and you add another layer to it. (and while Harrahs has differences in things like Diamond for a day, for the most part a tier point is a tier point).

I'd like to think that MGM might at least benefit a bit from starting to sort out their tier players, but the fact that they can't even rollout with any kind of benefits that offer any of their higher level players something, means they are more likely to offend the base they need to make this program work, rather then utilizing them to drive sign ups and word of mouth.

I always thought the premise of casual dinning was that you didn't need reservations and most of the places the casual dinning is the coffee shop or buffet anyway.

Anyone gold or above is being comped anyway. Platinum and Noir have hosts, so all of those benefits are already taken care of. I don't really see any benefits that differ significantly from player's club.

I am currently Mlife Platinum with 300K Tier Points and I was denied a host from Aria and I do not have a host from any other Casinos :(

I am a Noir card holder and have been for 2 years. I am not a whale or a high roller. I play $1 slots and sometimes $5 slots. It really makes me mad that you said if someone says they are Noir, call bullshit. There are way more than 800 people with Noir cards. I DO NOT know where you are getting your information from. Tell me how to post a picture of my Noir card and I will.

Les. See this. http://www.vegastripping.com/news/blog/4771/m-lifes-double-secret-probation-level-/

"Murrendor" would make a good theme for a hotel between Luxor and Excalibur.

I earned Noir status in 2013. For 2013, it was no longer invite only. You just need 1 million tier credits. According to mlife.com I earned 22 million tier credits in 2012 and I'm not an "über whale". I do play high limit slots for 8 hours a day typically ranging from $75-$500 a spin (I like the multiline games). While that is some pretty high action its not whale level as you can bet $5000 a spin at Aria! For 2014 apparently Noir is back to invite only status. We do earn express comps, at least we did in 2013. However they are capped at $10'000. It's kind of pointless for Noir anyways as I reached the cap after 2 or 3 days and that was 15 trips ago! That 10k is still sitting in there going to waste as the casino gives me enough comps that I never need to use the express comps. The only thing it could be useful for is if you wanted to make a trip to an MGM property and not gamble, you could use your express comps. The chance of a Noir player coming to Vegas and not gambling though is very slim, unless you've gone broke and are now living off express comps! Really I should probably use my express comps when I arrive for concert or show tickets and sell them. Then I could earn the 10k again each trip. Anyone else know of creative ways to turn express comps into cash?

To the guy above denied a host, I've never heard of such a thing. Who denied you? Just walk up to a host, give them your card and tell them you don't have a host. Anyone can have a host, how helpful they are however will depend on your level of play. Some hosts aren't accepting new players, so maybe you just caught one that didn't want any new clients. I've had a host ever since I started gambling 15 years ago and was at the bottom tier of the One club.


The post is based on old information. In 2011 there were only 800 Noirs and it was invite only. When it opened up to the public they added a lot more. It's going back to invite only in 2014, possibly Oct 2013. There is a good chance you'll get downgraded soon if you play $1 and $5 denom unless you are playing that denom at 15-40 lines or something. Or you play 8 hours a day 2 weeks out of the month. You'll have to see next trip if you've still got it. Here's hoping!

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