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Cosmopolitan: No City Room for You!

By JohnH on Sunday, 23rd January 2011 2:29am
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They were supposed to be the hotel's standard, off-the-rack rooms. They were the first rooms we saw during the run up to the Cosmopolitan's grand opening; they were the first taste we had gotten of the resort. They were supposed to be the room that Chuckmonster was going to review during all of that opening hoopla. They're the Cosmopolitan's City Rooms, and if the hotel's website is to be believed, they're sold out until further notice.

Thant's right, folks. It looks like the Cosmopolitan's standard/traditional/"You know those terraces we're promoting? Yeah, these don't have those." rooms are going to be missing in action for the foreseeable future. Want some evidence? Pick a date, any date, and plug it into the Cosmopolitan's reservation. Let's try, say, March 20-22. The City Room? SOLD OUT. Sure, the Terrace Studio is available, but that two queen-bedded room is out of commission. Your next thought is that the hotel just might be busy during that period of time. Alright, let's try July 20-22 as an alternative. SOLD OUT. October 20-22? You guessed it. Rooms, rooms everywhere, but not a City version to drink in.

Now, the real question behind all of this is obvious: Why? Odds genius Johnny Avello of Wynn Las Vegas' race and sports book probably has 2:1 on this just being an extension of the hotel's delayed room build-out strategy that was announced during the summer. The hotel opened with only a fraction of its total 3,000+ rooms and currently has enough demand to satisfy the few thousand rooms they have and justify their astronomical asking prices. Why undermine all of that by building out and putting into commission another few hundred standard, terrace-free rooms? Sure, if demand picks up and could justify it, they'll build them out. However, it just makes sense--both economic and common--to keep them moth-balled for the foreseeable future.

However, we here at VT also think Avello's got 30:1 on the real reason being that the Cosmopolitan just wants to keep Chuckmonster out of those rooms and the official VT review off of the site for as long as humanly possible. It's a bet I'd take.

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i also wonder how theyre handling / going to handle the larger suites.

not to mention the residences of the few people that actually move in.

Last weekend they had only 1500 rooms available. I'm pretty sure all the un-open rooms are in the west tower where the city rooms are located. The Cosmo is regularly "sold out" so i'm sure they would like to have those rooms open if they could. I believe it has more to do with their computer systems not working properly, than the rooms not being finished. They continue to have problems with check-in, tracking housekeeping, and processing payments. It would be interesting to know whether those rooms have actually been completed (but I suspect they have).

I was there 10 days ago. According to a housekeeping manager, they had only 630 rooms open and another thousand were opening in mid-February.

I will say that unlike Palazzo and Aria's openings, my room was in perfect shape with no flaws (other than tech issues). So perhaps delaying rooms until they get it right is a good idea.

Is there anything about keeping rooms with balconies away from "standard joes" connected with the "standard joe" who took the big plunge from his balcony at Imperial Palace last week? I have always thought fact they have open balconies is/will be a liability.

Having the balconies is totally a liability that's why they pay insurance. It's the same thing with cruise ships. People jump ship from their personal balcony all the time (I'm sure about 10 people did last year, if not more). It's just a risk they're willing to take but believe me, they have high ass insurance to cover it. I work in General Liability and Workers' Comp insurance. You can do just about anything you want as long as you have insurance. Look at the shit the Stratosphere has hanging from the top of that needle

The reservation engine is goofy - it shows the City Room as sold out on the calendar, but in the section where you select what room you want to book, the City Room "Book" button is selectable and lets you move on to the screen where you enter in your details.

(FWIW, you can also book a City Room via the Marriott Rewards reservation engine.)

City rooms are available through the website, however they are at the same rates as Terrace Studios which is a little suspicious.

Basically that means that when you show up they "upgrade" you to a Terrace Suite. I was upgraded to a "1-BR Terrace Suite" two weeks ago...as was everyone else.

I think another part of their sell-out problem is they sold blocks of rooms in advance to third party travel operators like Southwest vacations and now they don't have enough rooms for guests who want to book through the website. I'm sure this will all get straightened out over time, but the Cosmo is a really hot property right now and they are not able to capitalize on it.

I met with Unwin a few weeks ago and he said the balcony's were a problem, but likely not for the reason you think. I, like most people, assumed the risk of jumpers or people throwing beer bottles off the balconies was the worst part. Apparently, the bigger issue for insurance companies is someone climbing from one balcony to another and stealing/robbing (or much much worse) from the next room.

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