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The New Suites at Tropicana: Part Three - The Presidential Suite

By MikeE on Friday, 21st January 2011 12:54am
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In the first installment, we examined the Paradise Suite - a modest accommodation carrying over the same design principals as the standard rooms in much larger proportions and spread between separate living and sleeping areas. We then took a close look at the Penthouse Lofts and their two-story, taint-scalding trappings. Today in Part Three, we'll be looking at one of the two rooms (the other will be in Part Four) at the very top of Tropicana's suite hierarchy. Presenting the one and only (no, literally, there's only one of its kind in the entire place) Presidential Suite.

The entry foyer is victim to what looks like some kind of structural engineering anomaly. You're not greeted by soaring ceilings or an inviting living room. Instead, your first impression is this giant pillar.

"Drugs to the right, hookers to the left?"

Tropicana Presidential Suites

What mystery lies behind? Why a lovely and inviting living room, of course!

Tropicana Presidential Suites

Again, the dining table isn't some gargantuan space vacuum and allows easy mobility throughout the bar area.

Tropicana Presidential Suites

An enormous slab of granite for an enormous amount of booze at your next party.

Tropicana Presidential Suites

Seating abounds in the suite. Here's a comfy little nook at the very edge of the Paradise Tower where the room is situated. The view from both ends would be spectacular if it weren't for those damn shutters we keep bitching about.

Tropicana Presidential Suites

Most of the luxury appointments made their way into the living area. By comparison, the bedroom isn't all that special. And yes, there's only one bedroom.

Tropicana Presidential Suites

Tropicana Presidential Suites

The master bathroom is charmingly 80s. Think white, double-breasted suits and sockless loafers. It's missing something, though. Oh wait, that's right. Where are the small vanity mirrors, exposed razors, and lines of blow? Room service, perhaps?

Safety rails are much appreciated. The art deco glass brick tiles aren't.

Tropicana Presidential Suites

You're actually going to have to remove yourself from the throne if you dare reach for the shatphone.

Tropicana Presidential Suites

Conclusion? It's kind of dark, dated, and a little dreary. It certainly isn't the original design, but then again, it doesn't feel like it was given the full renovation that everything else on the property has received. If I were comped between this and the Penthouse Loft, I actually think I'd take the latter. While the Presidential Suite is much larger, it falls short in many of the ways Tropicana has managed to wow us.

Will the Chairman Suite live up to our high expectations? Stay tuned for Part Four to find out.

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Comments & Discussion:

This suite SCREAMS Atlantic City.

totally agree. This looks nice and big and we'll if free, I would stay there, however I think the Loft is nicer. 26 Days till my 6 day stay.

If they had put some sort of art object or a table with a fancy flower arangement in the "V" of the colume in the entry, they could have a whole different and welcoming effect.

Mmmm....drugs and hookers.

So far, the Penthouse Loft is the highlight. Now, let's see the Chairman's Suite Great series, Mike!

I'm seeing the same furnishings and color schemes, but completely different layout. The loft wins solely because the layout allows for better Design elements. The Suite, feels like Mandalay Bay when it first opened. The Loft, feels like Mandalay Bay stuck between Grand Opening and the new Mandalay CyborgBay with their cleverly numbered Suites and dual facing, totally useless loveseat.

Not to be c*nty about the decor, but do we really need that much texture on sofas? Why didn't they just Design it look like it was made of cactus or sequins? It's pebble pattern overload!

The Chairman is basically just this with 2 bedrooms and a very gaudy master bathroom. Having stayed in the penthouse loft and touring the chairman and presidential suite, the lofts are hands down the coolest rooms!

I'm not really blown away by any of these rooms, but the loft does seem like the best value. They really need to add something to that entry foyer; it looks like a bathroom wall.

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