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The New Aria Las Vegas Commercial

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th January 2011 4:08pm
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The long awaited, new ARIA Las Vegas TV commercial has been posted to the YouTube, after being under Facebook lockdown for two days. Check it out:

The strong groove, strong images, and gorgeous cinematography exude a confidence that the very vague pre-opening commercial absolutely didn't have. The voice actor is the same one they use in all of their stuff, I kinda wish they went gruff and whisky soaked instead.

It isn't incredibly memorable or brand defining, but it doesn't engage in hollow braggadocio either. Nice.

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Dude, they're starting to advertise Caesars Entertainment Group commercials over here. I just saw one the other night. WE NEVER get Vegas commercials other than the "OnlyVEgas" commercials

Somebody's going to be bummed when they find out that pocket park pool isn't there anymore.

Wait a minute! When I saw the Facebook version yesterday, I could swear it said, "The center of pleasure has shifted." This ad says, "The center of attraction has shifted."


It only has 2 people in it, it should be an ad for Crystals.


meh, I actually like Caesars current commercial better (routinely spectacular) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWn8cyUMDbg, I believe it's the one RockChick is referencing as we are seeing it pretty regularly too.

I know they are going for a different feel then Aria is, but then again, that's the sort of thing that I think Mr. Murren and company don't get about Vegas.

I do like the lighting effects on Aria at the end, I still say the property needs to stand out more on the strip and if the could add some unique lighting to it, I'm guessing they'd see some increase in foot traffice.

I like it. It still keeps the mysterious/suave feel, doesn't desend into cheap tackiness or bad cliches, and highlights the property's strengths (striking modern aesthetics).

The ad is bland, emotionless, and forgettable. In other other words, a fabulous representation of the property! Who wouldn't want to bring their loved one to vacation in the world's most luxurious airport terminal?

The words trying too hard seem to come to mind after watching this.

I don't mind it. Unlike The Cosmopolitan ad, it shows you the resort.

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