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Welcome, Five Hundy, To The Trippies Hall Of Fame!

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 3rd February 2011 2:28pm
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Allow us, once again, to wheel out the cannon and light the fuse as we induct the one and only Five Hundy By Midnight into the Trippies Hall of Fame for sweeping the 'Best Podcast - Readers Choice' category for five straight years!

Update: AC/DC's lawyers sent us a Cease & Desist nastygram asking us to remove the song (understandable) and the AC/DC inspired, yet completely original cannon related artwork from this webpage. Read the C&D letter here. For those about to Rock, We Will Cease and Desist You.

Please join us in celebration by helping us summon the devil via one of the greatest rock and roll songs ever written and recorded. Be proud, crank it loud.

For those about to cock (juggling thundercunts), we salute you!

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Comments & Discussion:

This is truly an honor. Thanks again to everyone who has voted over the years.

Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.

Webster's defines "awesome and funny podcast"...

Thanks for all you do, except for ripping on my future favorite Las Vegas attraction, Parabounce. I swear, if you hurt their feelings or credibility enough to mess up their business loan down at EZ Finance or to make them stop using the prince of fonts, I will, I will... well, I don't know what I'll do, but it'll be something.

Seriously, nice job.

Congrats again T&M!

Just in from the dice tables (not at O'Shea's). Note to all the MADD Mothers: I took a cab home. I'm not Vince Neil. I'm sure Alicia Jacobs will be pining the entire two weeks he's locked up.

I cranked the shit out of "For Those About To Rock". Both right now and also back in high school. Hell, I'm old enough to still have it on cassette tape! A very fitting tribute. Nice choice.

Congrats to Tim and Michelle for a very deserving win and domination of the award. It would have been theirs to win as long as they want to podcast. No one has come close to the consistency they've managed to do for so many years.

With Makers Mark rocks in hand and while a Rocky Patel Decade burns...

My early odds to win the award next year (with apologies to Wynncore who kept sending me those "Dancing With The Stars" odds press releases). Note: Vidcasts are included. If you can download it, you can listen to it:

The Strip (Steve and Miles) 2-1
The reining Las Vegas media power-couple, Steve Friess not only gets the interviews that others don't, but also gets his subjects to dish out the dirt while he also gains their admiration and intrigue.

Vegas Gang (Hunter Hillegas) 5-1
Unabashed Vegas commentary by those who have no muzzle put on them by corporate Vegas. Any investor who buys gaming stocks from Vegas-based companies is a moron if they don't listen to this show.

UNLV Gaming Podcast 100-1
Dr. David G. Schwartz's podcasts may be on the academic side (no crime there), but he's beloved of those who enjoy Las Vegas podcasting. He contributes to Vegas Gang (see above) and is also a must-listen for those wanting to really understand gaming and the industry.

Pub Crawl (David and Alicia Ivy) 250-1
Star Trek "geek but telegenic" couple have only recently moved into the Vegas pod(vid)casting scene. Advantage/forte is experiencing the Las Vegas Strip (or downtown) each week in person for their show reports. No other podcast can lay claim to weekly tourist area visits for their reports.

Nevada Week In Review (Mitch Fox) - 500-1
Long running show (for decades) features many prominent Las Vegas journalists in a no-holds-barred commentary on Vegas PBS station.

Living In Las Vegas (Scott and Melissa) 750-1
Fun and likable Las Vegas couple combine first-hand Vegas "tourist stuff" reports with "basic life" and mix it in with "what it is like to live here" experiences. The entire world knows what the temperature of their swimming pool is.

This Ain't Iowa/Awkward Silence (Brian Mollica) 1,000-1 (if either show wins)
Las Vegas' resident comedic genius drives so far outside the lines that he's almost inside the lines. Rabid following does not hurt him.

The Vegas Tourist (Mark and Sazzy) 10,000-1
Fun and likable Las Vegas NON-couple covers every local "big time" event that red-state America likes (and then some). Points for interviewing "the real deal" Las Vegas mobsters who are still alive. Negative points for semi-podfading.

Central Christian Church (Jud Wilhite) 75,000-1
Former druggie turned Pastor of Las Vegas' most prominent church ranks well in Las Vegas podcast listenership. However, unlikely that he will suggest parishioners attend Vegas Tripping to vote.

Five Hundy By Midnight (Tim and Michelle) 1,000,000-1
This is Las Vegas. Anything can happen on any roll of the dice, spin of the wheel, or pull of a slot machine.

For the next year: Tim and Michelle, We Salute You.

I think the award is even more outstanding now with the updated plaque.

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