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The New Suites at Tropicana: Part One - The Paradise Suites

By MikeE on Tuesday, 18th January 2011 2:24am
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We've already seen some pretty spectacular changes at the Tropicana. With new restaurants, casino, pool, and rooms, nearly every corner of the property is receiving a complete overhaul.

But one thing we haven't seen much of are the suites. I knew Trop had some enormous, albeit dated accommodations in their arsenal - relics of a time when the property had a respectable share of the high roller market. We got some impressive teaser shots a while ago, but not much more. How high end was Trop willing to go with these rooms in their quest to compete with the mid market? The answer? Very, very high. Tropicana and all around social media queen, VegasGalB gave VT a special look at the latest suites. From entry-level oversized rooms to posh penthouses, Tropicana is setting a new standard for mid-market luxury.

We'll be covering the Paradise Suites all the way up to Chairman and Presidential shag shacks in four parts. In our fifth and final installment, we'll also take an exclusive - and we mean [I]exclusive[/I] - look at the never-before-seen, ubercool Island Tower Spa Suites.

So without further adieu, we present to you Part One: The Paradise Suites.

Located in the Paradise (duh) Tower, this is Trop's entry-level luxury accommodation. It's nothing too extraordinary though noticeably larger than anything comparable in price.

The first taste upon entry.

Tropicana Paradise Suites

The décor is tasteful and I was surprised to discover that Mr. Yemenidjian himself chose all the furnishings; it's nice to know that there's more than one hotel operator in this town who's creative and hands-on. It's not Roger "Could-Write-A-Thesis-On-Design-Language-Alone" Thomas, but the use of muted tones and textures is far more thoughtful than those found in the suites of its neighbors across the street.

The cozy living room with daybed that probably wasn't meant to look like a daybed (but totally looks like a daybed). They were thoughtful enough to match the colors on the chaise to the drawer surfaces, but not thoughtful enough to give attention to that naked wall above the dresser.

Tropicana Paradise Suites
Tropicana Paradise Suites

All suites at Tropicana come with a signature touch - umbrellas! Yes, they're yours to keep.

Tropicana Paradise Suites

The entertainment center with coffee maker too new to be contaminated.

Tropicana Paradise Suites

The bedroom is, again, larger than those of most suites in its class.

Tropicana Paradise Suites
Tropicana Paradise Suites

The bathroom is small and offers a blast from the past. Tiles were not changed in the renovation process and vary from suite to suite. In this example, the dark burgundy floors actually work with the rest of the room.

Tropicana Paradise Suites

The same can't be said about the shower walls - be sure to keep that curtain closed.

Tropicana Paradise Suites

At a time when most all the suites at Luxor, New York New York, Monte Carlo, and even MGM look ragged and beaten, Tropicana's Paradise Suites are a larger, newer alternative at a fair price.

In Part Two, we venture to the top floor and take in the Penthouse Lofts.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm happy the Trop is back. The Paradise Suite is certainly spacious, but if Hampton Inn opened a casino resort, it would look like this.

"It's nothing too extraordinary though noticeably larger than anything comparable in price."

What price is expected for these suites?

I know it is suddenly hip to dig the Tropicana, but a big pass for me on this suite. Bathroom is downright gawdy and the rest looks like Ikea had a clearance sale. Sorry Trop.

furnishings are designed for the uber small standard rooms. parking them inside these much larger spaces making the suite look start and incredibly uncomfortable. as mike inferred, the quality goes up from here.

Looks like Target patio furniture and modular cabinetry. (I was gonna call it " screw-together" furniture, but it's just not that sexy, either.) Sorry folks, I don't know what people are seeing in the remodeled Trop. It is cleaner, but after a year of that incongruous mix of white tile with the Tiffany ceiling, and with sections boarded up way too long promising "we're changing everything" I am beyond skeptical now...I know I'm in the same casino as in 2003. For an entry level "high roller" room, this looks more like El Cortez caliber, not Mirage or NYNY. Even Casino Royale rooms now have comfortable mattresses, window shutters and comfortable beds and flat screen TVs. The Trop will only succeed in being the top of the Strat/Excal/IP class. They're way out of their league in thinking that they will beat the renovated rooms at TI or Mirage. Laughable. Sorry to be a downer, but people's hopes for the Trop are just way too high.

They are not trying to compete with TI or Mirage I don't think. From what I can tell they are competing with excal/IP/Ballys. These rooms are not 'high roller' style rooms. They are a standard room that runs $80 or so on a weekend and even less during the week from what I've found playing with dates for April. They are on par/cheaper than most lower end rooms on the strip during the high spring season of April.
What I would like to know is what the cost will be for the island spa rooms! I can't wait to see pics :)

Rudemeister, these run around the $200 range, though I have seen website deals that run as low as $80.

Damn :( guess you won't be needing my review this weekend...I think for the price this is one of the best rooms you can get! MGM's rooms are more cramped, have mostly tube TV's, no fridge and no wet bar and can easily go for 200+ on a weekend.

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