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VegasEats: Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 18th January 2011 9:08am
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Grab the Pepto Bismol folks. VT superfriend CanadianCrapShooter stopped by the Hash House A Go Go at Imperial Palace last year and survived sent us this report... including the photos. Take it away CCS!

Waking up with a hangover sucks. One of the first things Mrs. CanadianCrapShooter and I like to do to remedy the situation is to fill our bellies with yummy comfort food... yumfort food! We have a few spots that we tend to frequent, but after hearing that a Hash House a Go Go location had opened on The Strip, we knew we had to check it out.

There are three Hash House A Go Go locations in Vegas. The one that we went to is at 2009 Trippies Readers Choice for Worst Dining, Imperial Palace!

Shortly before 3pm, we rolled out of bed - after a late night/early morning drunken Pai Gow Poker session - and continued rolling right down the strip into Imperial Palace and right into the Hash House elevators right in the middle of the casino.

At the top of the escalators is a small waiting area and a hostess stand with a sign that read "Please wait to be served". We waited for a hostess, and when one finally came around, our request for a booth was met. As I sat down I leaned on the edge of the table a little and almost flipped the damn thing. Unbolted basterds!

Hash House A Go Go Coffee

The waitress handed us a couple of menus and took our drink orders. Coffee and water for me, latte and water for Mrs CCS. We decided to skip the Bloody Marys. Normally I'm not too picky about my coffee. Sure, I'll enjoy a fresh cup of single origin, direct trade coffee from Ethiopia from time to time but this early in the morning, almost anything black and caffeinated will do. Almost anything. Except for Hash House's coffee, yeck! Hopefully it was just a bad pot. The latte was good.

We had heard that Hash House is famous for their chicken and waffles. I wanted Eggs Benedict. Luckily for me they had something called Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Farm Benedicts on their menu. Jackpot! The missus settled on the HH Famous Meatloaf House Hash.

A few minutes and half a cup of terrible coffee later, I spy our waitress carrying two dishes - the size of hubcaps - piled high with food toward our table. As she set the plates down all I could think about was how many calories I was looking at. Now I knew that the portions we big, but this was ridiculous. Needless to say, anyone who orders an entree here will not be going home hungry. Two or three could share a meal and be quite satisfied.

Hash House A Go Go Benedict

Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Farm Benedicts Hash House A Go Go Meatloaf

HH Famous Meatloaf House Hash

The food was great! Mine came covered with cheese and a delicious sauce. The chicken was breaded and fried and tasty. Mrs. Crapshooter's eggs were a little on the greasy side and the mash of veggies, meat and cheese was excellent. The biscuits were nice and fluffy and the fruit on both plates did not get eaten. In fact we ate maybe 1/3 of the food we ordered.

Hash House A Go Go Bill

Overall Hash House a Go Go was great. Food was excellent and the portions were obscene. Service could have been a little quicker, but overall an enjoyable experience. Total bill, $37.51 sans tip. I'd recommend everyone give Hash House a go go a try.

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After that much liquid caloric intake I'd be Go Go-ing. Thanks for doing it for us!

At least now i have a reason to go to IP.

Seriously, I think this would be my ONLY reason for going to IP

Is that a knive plunged in the Benedicts? Looks like they put the gour in gourmet

Man, why is it i ONLY end up at IP for food? This place seems like a Waffle House on roids, but those portions.....Man. Definitely worth a visit. However, I havent been to IP since their door tried to pull a move on me...


I wandered in when I was in Vegas and the place is very cool. The portions are major and the waitstaff is very friendly. I took a picture of their chicken and waffles before and after I devoured it. I will poat it here shortly.

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