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Mlife In The Fast Lane!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 11th January 2011 8:33am
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Ladies and gentlemen, that noise you're hearing isn't the sucking sounds of the Roomba, Dyson, Hoover or Adult Entertainment Expo, it is the warming jets of the MGM Resorts International Hype Machine pumping hot air into the maiden voyage of the Mlife Players Club balloon ride!

Yes folks, the Players Club has now been switched over to the brand new Mlife platform that guarantees to earn you more and better comps, perks and connectivity in exchange for your hard earned play. Not only will you get to view PR postings about Mlife on Facebook, but you'll get to read them on Twitter too. Additionally, they have formally launched Mlife TV YouTube channel, something we told you about a month ago, they've even signed up Dana White to chat up his favorite hot spots on the Strip (Mix, Strip Steak, Jasmine.)

But wait, there's more... MLife has also launched an iPhone App, which is a gigantic directory of all MGM Resorts International restaurants, hotels, retail and casino information PLUS access to all of your Mlife information.

But wait, THERE EVEN MORE! Mlife is having a Sweeeeepstakes, giving away 12 luxurious prizes including tickets to the American Idol finals at the Kodak The-ater in Los Angeles!

STOP THE PRESSES! THERE'S MOOOOOOOOORE! If you went to Las Vegas for New Years Eve and happened to lose $40,000 at ARIA as one of our lovely readers did - never playing below $1k/hand - you'll truly experience Mlife in the fast lane by earning 500,000+ tier credits, PLATINUM STATUS and.... wait for it... $11.83 in Express comps, the equivalent to a sandwich and a coffee at Jean Philippe Patisserie. He sent us a screenshot as proof!

Mlife Comps

That's Mlife!

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Ouch, that's a pretty crappy return. I will say it looks like all of my playersclub offers transferred over, most are still not online bookable, but they are available at least and have more detail then playersclub. I also actually have an express comp balance too, since I've never had a comp at MGM outside of a room, its nice to see and given my play level compared to the 40k spend its about 4x more.

Hey hold on now -- that's $11.83 in Express Comps PLUS a Discounted Room Rate Offer at any of their fine Las Vegas resorts, including Excalibur!

Thank you for giving us the facts of Mlife.

Misnomer, does that make Chuck Mrs.Garett or Tootie?

Next time, on a very special Facts of Vegas Tripping...the girls learn that growing up means growing pains, as Spyder is caught cheating on a math test, and Misnomer gets his period.

sigh. didnt they claim they were adding room/total spend? still no mention of that, although benefits etc have changed.

also, if 575K isnt noir, what is?

The Maltese Falcon?

Kagehitokiri: 1,655,691 is still Platinum. Just dropped a lot at Aria and other MGMs this weekend and have $63.42 in Express Comps. Played lots of $10x5 VP though. Perhaps that makes a difference - a machine counting rather than table play?

Still a work in progress...was offered a Comp room at Mandalay Bay that wasn't on my playersclub.com, but when I called Mandalay, they did not have that offer showing on my account...

Also my discount rates are still off, for instance MGM shows "Sold Out" for the entire calendar year.

Please let this be the beginning of Caesars and MGM actually competing for my gambling dollars and loyalty.

those express comps keep coming and going and the shitty offers keep piling up. that $120/night for a mon-wed in at bellagio feb is pretty tempting. oh yeah plus resort fee.

i'm on about page 5 of the contest signup information entry and they are asking about my wife's G-Spot. if anyone sees Macker tell him to give me a call so I can get the info to complete the application.

MGM's old system gave $0 in "Express Comps" for table players, correct? I'm guessing that any play done before 1/11/11 will give nothing at all except tier points (and I'm surprised it's even been doing that).

Why in the world can't they make their club offers bookable online, the way that Caesars, Venelazzo, Wynncore, and EVERYONE else does? Pitiful that in 2011 I have to call and talk to a person on the telephone for most of these offers.

Sumorez: I'm the one that sent in the screenshot. I haven't played anywhere since I left on New Year's day, so they apparently were issuing express comps for play back then.

It's pretty obvious that they want to leave comp decisions on table players to hosts, which is fine, but they should just say that rather than say that I get $12 for $40,000. It just looked kind of funny, which is why I sent it in. I don't take anything concerning casinos personally, but I know some people, larger players than I am, who I have a feeling will be *very* offended when they login their new accounts.

Mlife found my play level so pathetic that the whole site crashed. I got a coding screen the first time I tried to log in, and now the site says "Service Unavailable." Sorry everyone.

Both the website and iPhone app are wonky. Great job, guys!!

My host at Aria (who was my host for about a decade at Paris before she moved over) told me to not worry about the Express Comps looking really low, that she had the discretionary ability to take care of whatever I wanted. Reading between the lines, I would infer that thefish2010 is right -- MGM wants to leave the comping for table games players up to the hosts rather than the Express Comps.

I spoke too soon, express comps have disappeared as of this evening. Nice. Wonder if I have any more 'rack rate' offers.

oops, I lied, it's back. Wonky, I did have a new rack rate offer though that actually showed a calendar of rates though.

If you want to have instant platinum status all you need to do is buy a condo.
That's not a joke!

Well, I guess I got my wish. They took my $11.83. Now I have $0.00 in express comps and I have no promotions in my account. Either a system glitch or punishment for sending in the graphic.


"didnt they claim they were adding room/total spend?"

I know! What happened to that? As someone who doesn't gamble too much too often but does enjoy eating out whenever possible and occasionally meets friends at the bar/club, MLife isn't all that different from the old MGM Mirage Players' Club in essentially punishing those of us who aren't big gamblers. Since Strip casinos have been making more money off food/beverage/clubbing than gaming for some time, shouldn't they reward those of us who pad their profit margin this way? If even Caesars is expanding Total Rewards to track "entertainment spending", shouldn't MGM do so with MLife as well?

sigh, "later this year" for hotel spend (room spend like cosmopolitan?)

venetian/palazzo does total spend.

Tip the dealers and you will receive more generous Express Comp dollars. I have over $500.00 in Express Comps in my account just from 3 days of play (about 150,000 Tier Credits worth) while tipping the dealers between $3-$5 a hand at a $100 minimum Baccarat table. My first 100,000 Tier Credits over 200,000 (Platinum Mlife) earned me about $350.00 in Express Comps. Needless to say I am thrilled with the transparency of the Mlife program. I have played many, many hours at the Red Rock casino in Vegas and it is a whole awkward rigamarole just to get free movie tickets from the pit boss. Using the Mlife program as a measure, Red Rock owes me a couple of thousand $$ in comps which I will never see because I never had the nerve to ask for them! Hope this helps, and no, I am not a MGM Mirage shill, I'm just a fan of the new program.

Oh and btw, the Mlife system seems to do system maintenance of some kind at odd hours of the night so sometimes my Express Comps value is $0.00 or wrong, that could be what happened with the $11.83 dude. The other explanation is that he took his Casino Host's offer to "comp" his hotel stay and it came directly out of his Express Comp account. Last night a Casino Host at Aria offered to comp a couple of nights for me but after I inquired whether it would be coming out of my Express Comps I decided not to because she said they absolutely would. Bottom line, any comps that Casino Hosts comp you WILL come out of your Express Comps. That is the way the new system works. From now on when an MGM Mirage Casino Host offers to comp you, they are not doing you a favor other than helping you use your Express Comps. Hope this helps!

you may say otherwise, but your comments sound like shilling to me. nobody should be such a fan after 10 days of M life's semi faulty operation. also if you play $100/hand consistently for one session you'll get the pencil straight away, it doesn't take an algorithm to figure that out. also, if you're playing $100/hand, why would one even care about a comped $200/night hotel room? that is like a $5 blackjack player being psyched about getting a comped $10/night room.

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