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Aria's New Check-In Rodeo

By JohnH on Monday, 10th January 2011 7:58am
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If you haven't really noticed, Aria has been in "we're changing everything" mode as of late. Remember that this-could-possibly-be-new signage we told you about way back when? Yeah, that's now the new way finding signage property-wide. The world's most uncomfortable furniture over at View Bar? 86'd. Sky Suites Lobby? Still sucks Steve Wynn's fluorescent light-illuminated balls.

And now it's time for us to add yet another item to that list of relatively minor improvements: Aria has completely changed the way you, a valued guest at a AAA Five Diamond Award-winning resort checks-in. Yup, gone is the former "Which line is shortest and fastest?" free-for-all present at Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas, and Encore, that has frustrated so many beleaguered VegasTrippers. And what exactly has replaced it? Well, see for yourself.

Aria's Rodeo

Welcome to the Jim Murren Memorial Line Ride -- formerly known as Jimbo's Velvet Rope Cattle Call --everybody. Is it more efficient? Maybe. Does it ruin the atmosphere in Aria's industrial-sized airplane hangar elegant lobby? We can't be quite sure about that at this time. Is it really awesome that someone in Hotel Ops actually took Chuckmonster's sage advice and implemented the cattle call? You bet it is.

The jury is still out, though, as to whether or not having your photo taken during your time on the line ride was also included in this recent development out of Aria's "Plan to Combat Minor Cosmetic Problems."

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Hey, is that the world-famous City Center Pocket Park on the other side of the windows? The most precious patch of real estate in all of Las Vegas?

Do you think when Jimbo called Queue World, the guy had to tell him that the ropes generally come in red, and "Aria Brown" would be a special order?

every hotel in vegas should do this or the meat counter(take a number) method, the pick a line and hope method at everywhere else just pisses me off, good work aria

It's worth at try - people tend to initially perceive it negatively because one long line "looks" longer than 6 short lines, and that is exacerbated by the claustrophobia of being trapped between two ropes with people in front of and behind you. It also spoils the illusion of being a big shot in a fancy hotel that can just stroll up to the desk whenever you need an extra key.

That being said, it absolutely IS the most efficient way to process the most amount of people in the least possible amount of time. As long as the agents are making an effort to personalize each interaction and not just staring at their computers shouting "NEXT!", it could potentially be a net gain for Aria.

I actually like this method better. I can't tell you how many times I've done the 5-6 short lines thing, only to have this happen:
Person in front of me (friend A)
Person in line B (friend B)
our line is going faster than friend B's line.
Friend A gets to the front, calls friend B over, who in turn has a friend C in another line and a friend D in another line.
Now all four friends are in Friend A's line because they made it to the front first and now I have to stand there and wait while all four of them get checked into four different fucking rooms and friend B and C's line are just steadily going on. I'm trapped there, and can't jump ship because I'll end up in the back of another line.

Most of the time when you get in what looks like the 'shorter' line it ends up being the longer line because the people in front of you are total idiots. I dont have a problem with this at all but still not considering staying at Aria.

One of the hot shot hotel rating systems (don't remember which one) has a stipulation that a cattle call can't be present for a five-something sparkly rating. This is the reason hotels avoid it.

Either the stipulations have been laxed or Aria's just giving up on rating bullshit and shooting for service efficiency. Good for them.

I'm guessing this was one of the last remaining elements they needed to make it seem like an airport terminal. Now all we need is the scent of aviation fuel and a TSA worker to tell me to turn my head and cough.

I see they finally found a use for the ropes from always empty Cafe Vettra

But they'll still hand me my folio or property map with two hands instead of one, right?

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