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Presenting the 2010 Trippies!!!

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 8th January 2011 8:49pm
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Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the winners (and losers) of the 2010 Trippies : Best and Worst of Las Vegas Readers Poll Awards.



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Excellent job as usual. Not really any surprises here. I'm glad MGM Grand got some love for its across-the-board offerings. It will be interesting to see if Cosmo can make a dent into some of the categories locked up by Wynncore. Sahara, Riviera, and O'Sheas are the only possible challengers to IP at the bottom. I think the closeness of the Vegas related blogging/web community is making it difficult to choose some categories ie. best podcast, best blog, etc...

You know, when we were out in Vegas last year, IP didn't seem as dirty as when we went to Vegas in 2008. When we went in 2008 everything in the place was covered in dirt and it stunk like there was no tomorrow. When we went in 2009, the carpets had been cleaned, it smelled like someone opened a window and let the stank out, and the casino seemed more open and brighter, like they took some slots out or something to open up space.

Oh and as for Sahara getting worst dining...I'd like to note my husbands uncles witnessed a guy shit himself at the buffet....it closed a month later.
IP voted worst service, sadly, the best drink service I've ever gotten in Vegas was at the low end hotels, like IP and Fitzgerald's.
I'm rooting for the Buffet of Buffets for the stoners out there.
Cheap weed means munchies means stoners will pay for the buffet pass.
You don't get munchies off good weed.

Excellant job on the videocast of the trippies..The verbal exchange and discussion add a great deal to the Editor's Choice awards. I particularly enjoyed the rendition of your personal experiences that "fleshed out" your choices as to the best and worst. Are you going to post this somewhere so we can replay it as it is worth watching twice and I am sure your readers who missed it live would enjoy viewing it.
Thanks again.

Damn, I thot no one saw me at Sahara, oh well.....

To quote Chuckmonster's post in the Stock The Bar, Trippies Webcast Is Tomorrow Night! piece:

probably not. live show, no repeats. come and have fun!

Got to agree with the Editors on picking the Sahara as Worst in so many categories. The place has really gone to shit.

How you guys can continue to ignore the comedy genius of Brian Mollica and his cohorts of Troy, Mofobes and EKarros is beyond reproach. Anyone can put together a tape of 60 minutes of boring voicemails left by the buffet crowd and call it a podcast. What does a Minnesotan know about Vegas anyway? I dare you to listen to the latest episode where EKarros has gay escapades with the cashier of a Christian Bookstore. It's obvious none of the voters or any of your listeners listen.

Nice work Chuck! The whole thing has me slathering and drooling for a 2011 Vegas road trip. I missed Vegas in 2010 for the first time in a decade, so there's SO much I need to catch up on. Damn this recession!

Excellent work as always. Thanks for putting the whole thing together.

stuw6 said: "It's obvious none of the voters or any of your listeners listen."

I would say you've got a firm grasp of the obvious.

Can we have the best/worst Trippies logo? 2010 version is hard to see at first glance

@javisrk yep it is. i did it on purpose so folks would refocus their eyes the second they came to the page. snaps you out of the browse click pattern with a head tilting... "huh?"

Completely blown away by how crazy-awesome the whole five hours was. Also loved "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" just before the festivities began. Top notch, dudes!

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